Just a wee bit up the path that leads to the re-enactment site




The main path. This is as far as we went because Carl was freezing. I like those trees that lean over

the path here and have photographed this exact scene several times in different seasons.



Same spot on Aug. 11, 2008 To see this walk in green not white, go to BUSHY RUN



Same spot on Oct. 18, 2008. To see this walk in autumn go to A BITTERSWEET DAY AT BUSHY RUN



Heading back on the main path now



Snowy clearing seen through the branches







Not far now from the parking area, a couple of deer crossed the main path and one of them stopped

to stare at us for a while



I liked the pattern the chain made with the snow



We stopped and had a hot lunch on the way home, then before I went inside, I roamed

around at the dead end of our street and took some pictures. This is the fence of a neighbor's




Behind our house



This one and the one below show how steep the drop-off is behind our house leading down to the woods there.

There's a tiny creek down there, too.




Holly in the snow at the front corner of our house



Not that this is pretty, but the bright orange of it just contrasted SO much with the

snow around it that I hadda take a picture. Is right at the end of our dead end.



All these next were taken there at the dead end about 50 feet west from our house



This is how thick it is right there at the end of Wellington



There is a path, though, that goes off into the woods there...and another orange sign




I liked the sunsparkle on the snow



Then in the evening we headed out again, this time to Laura and Jeff's to drive with them into

Pittsburgh for Jeff's office party, which was a dinner cruise on a riverboat. I took this right

before getting into the car, looking toward the south from our house.



This is a painting ON the riverboat IN the painting. This is the Majestic, the largest in the

multi-river-boated fleet Pittsburgh has and gives an overview of the appearance of the ship.

Our dinner seats were on the second deck near that front left corner, but I spent a great

deal of the 3-hour cruise on the top deck so I could see better. The windows below fogged up

and you couldn't tell where you were...and I didn't like that.





Looking down from the second level to the first. Every single seat was taken before we left the dock

at 6:30.


Topside, looking up the Monongahela toward the Smithfield St. bridge



I spent a lot of time standing here at the very front of the ship, with the forward gangway out there, as

we sailed. Very often I was the only person on deck. Carl would join me from time to time and at

one point when I was sitting Laura, who doesn't like cold at all, came and sat with me a while. Jeff's

car has one of those temperature sensors and it read 23 degrees. Of course on the ship and moving

forward at a good clip, you had a breeze which made it a lot colder than that. That's Station Square

where the Dancing Waters are there on the left. We were just pulling away from the dock here.




Spiky lights are the top of the PPG building



This is the small canopy-covered top of the Majestic you can see in the painting. Sometimes

I would go up here and sit and this is where Laura sat with me for a while.







Full moon over the Point. At Christmas they make a huge tree of lights where the fountain is

in the summer. We rounded the Point and headed up the Allegheny River.




I thought this kinda made an interesting pattern in the night. Is the shoreline of the Allegheny River

alongside PNC Park, the home of the Pirates.





The fact that the moon was out and was full really added to the whole thing for me. This is it seen

through the girders of one of the many bridges we sailed under.




This is Heinz Field, home of the Steelers, right at the confluence of the three rivers.

The red cone is the top decoration of the Science Center that they light red at Christmas.

The string of lights under it is actually on a submarine, but you can't see it in the dark.



We sailed down the Ohio a way, turned around and came back past the Point to our docking site on the

Monongahela. This is the docking area with some other riverboats there. We've done a lot of weddings in that

Sheraton right behind that.




Passing a riverboat with Christmas trees



I took this shot on Aug. 11, 2007. This is not the Majestic, but the same docking area.

If you'd like to see much brighter, clearer daylight pictures of where we sailed, check




Our docking site. I didn't use a lot of my pictures because it was so cold the lens kept

clouding up. I spent the entire last hour of the cruise on deck, with Carl coming and going

and Laura and Jeff stopping by to cool off after dancing a lot.



Looking down at the lower dance floor. There was one on the second deck, too.



Looking back down the second deck. Our table was on the right toward the far end, which

is the front of the boat.



And ending, as I began, with the full moon, this time over the top of the Majestic.