These were taken by me from morning 'til night on

December 13, 2008


There are three pages and they include a lot more

than just around my house. There are frosted roads,

old barns, farms, Bushy Run battlefield, and a night

cruise on a big riverboat.



This day began and ended with a full moon. In the morning Joey, who'd spent the night, and I

went out on the front doormat and we each took pictures of the moon through the trees across

the street from my house.



Then on the other side of the house, dawn began. Unlike the day before, this Saturday was going

to be bright and clear, giving a whole different aspect to the snow.



Together, Joey and I watched the sun come up...



This is the railing of my little side porch



I took this one out the dining room window



Then when Jeff picked up Joey, I took another shot of the Felix Forest across from my house.



This is also out the dining room window



And the snowball grew into a snow oval overnight



Then Carl and I drove around our area, with him stopping the car so I could photograph what I

wanted. This is the barn just around the corner that I've photographed in all seasons.

See OLD BARNS for it in summer and autumn.



This one is just past the larger one above on Silvas Rd.



And this one is just past those...



This is the blue house across the road from the old barns above



Past the blue house, this is the forest on the south side of Silvas



And this is Silvas itself, which I also photograph endlessly. At the end down there, we turn

left usually to go to Laura's or for Carl's work, but today we turned right and went north a

little bit on Hilty.



Woods off the north side of Silvas



Heading north on Hilty for a while



It was such a great day to get out because the roads were ok and yet the snow still sat on

every twig. This is still Hilty.



Driving on Hilty it was almost too beautiful at being sucked into a Christmas card



Still Hilty



Woods off to the east on Hilty



We'd turned around and headed south again and Carl stopped so I could get out and take

some pictures of this old brick silo by itself in the woods





Heading back south now on Hilty



Back now to the point where Silvas goes off to the east.



These are some of the big fields I love that we pass all the time on the way to either Laura's or

to Carl's work



If I'm going to Laura's I turn east on this road. This is the one with the big hollow tree that's in

other photo albums up here.



On Cline Hollow Road, I asked Carl to pull over so I could walk around near the old barn that I'd

photographed a lot in my OLD BARNS album...

This is looking up the hill just before the barn. I have this same picture in autumn.





Same bluebird house I photographed in autumn...