Wellington Snow

All taken around 10 AM on Friday, Dec. 12, 2008

These are up in the order in which I wandered around and took them...



I went out the front door, intending to walk around the house outside but after Carl shoveled the

porch and walk earlier this morning, it had settled into a thin glaze of ice, so I merely stood on

the doormat right outside the door and took this one looking across Wellington at the Felix




This is a zoom straight across the street. The low shrubbies are small sassafras trees.



Then I did a 90 degree turn to my left to photograph the edge of our dead end, looking due west.



Since I couldn't really walk around outside, I came back in and wandered around from window to window

with my camera. This is the window over the kitchen sink. The angel slowly changes colors.



Looking a bit higher out that window where a little of the horizon shows above the 'r's'

in Merry.



Leaving the kitchen, I went through the family room, then the laundry room and onto our little

side porch. This is looking east. I love the way the snow outlines each branch.



This is also off the little porch, looking south.



This is the southern view we have off the porch and out the back side of the house.



Back inside, I paused in the family room and took a shot through the windows over the couch.



This is out the dining room window, also looking south out the back of the house.



Both this and the one below I took out the dining room window.




Then I wandered back to the door mat and took this one of my car. You can see, though, how

close we park to Wellington itself so it's not like there's a long driveway to shovel here. Carl parks

in the space just beyond my white car. He usually brushes the snow off mine, too, but didn't have

time this morning. That's the newspaper by the rear tire. I think it will just sit there till Carl gets home!

Too much ice between me and it. Good thing it's in plastic!



Snow bubble transformed into snow ball. Those are my young rhododendrons around it.



My young lilac near the front door.



Hadda take another shot of the Felix. I've quite fallen in love with it!



Inside again, looking through the living room window just to the left of the Christmas tree.



Dining room window again...



...and kitchen



...and family room



Then I finally opened the blinds. Is more trouble when the decorations are up! These next several

are all me playing around with shots out the family room windows.



Ever since the grandkids can remember, I've had rainbows all over my rooms in the morning sun. So that's

what the crystals here are for. See "Emily's Rainbow" for something I wrote about that back at the old house.



This auto-focused on the crystal



...and this on the woods behind it




Also out the family room windows...a zoom shot looking down the hill at a tree, fallen well before

we ever moved here



View south...



View north (base of Felix again out front window)



View out the front window of the combo play room/Carl's computer and singing room



Family room with blinds still up...I've left them up now so I can look out all day




This kinda shows how high we are as all this slopes steeply away out the back of the house



I have wind chimes either side of the kitchen window so they do their thing for me in the summer



What's at the base of those kitchen window trees...



All white out the living room windows...that's the dining room window reflected in the glass of the

watercolor of the Maine lupines over the sailing ship



My Victorian birdhouse out the front window on our light pole. Is a thick vinyl and not wood, so I leave it there.



And all white out the dining room window...