APRIL 18-22, 2010

These are some extra pictures I took on our recent trip. On the morning of the 19th after breakfast, I walked alone down to the lake

in front of our hotel to take some pictures, loving the look of the light on the water and the the goslings there with their parents:

Our room on the second floor overlooked this courtyard.

Our French doors are just to the left of the pillar on the second floor. This is the Heritage Grand hotel in Fort Mill, SC and

was once owned by the Jim Baker group, but was sold and now belongs to the people we came to see, who are not a part of that.

Front of the hotel. The lake was off down a slope to the right.

Yep, a strawberry, well, 3. We passed it on 77 heading toward Charlotte.

Lake Norman north of Charlotte, taken out my side window as we got close to Charlotte. My son Evan has lived (and

still lives) in two different houses on this lake.

Charlotte out the windshield.

My favorite sign inside the hotel.

The hotel still has what's called "Main Street" which has a lot of offices and shops along it, including a huge bookstore.

This is Carl looking at something near a shop.

Carl going into the shop.

It's always twilight on Main Street. We ate frequently at those tables at the other end.

Heading north again on 77, nearing the mountains.

This and the 2 below were taken at an overlook in West Virginia (not at the gorge).

Some of my tulips and daffodils back in our front yard.

The part of my double kerria I brought from our old house 2 years ago is blooming.

My little pink flowering almond blooms in spite of being crushed under 4 feet of February snow.