TUSCAN VIOLENCE  (2 paragraphs)



Relentlessly they marched over the Tuscan hillsides, row after row after row, their

disciplined order evident to the observer.  Their commander called out, "Eyes RIGHT!"

and, as one, their burnished golden faces turned.  He smiled, knowing surely his forces

could not be stopped nor deterred in any way from taking over the vast poppy field

lying in the valley.  Soon he would rule ALL Tuscany!  Delicate nodding heads of red

would be seen no more, replaced entirely by his sturdy yellow troops. He was pleased.



The vast army of sunflowers had passed.  She had hidden herself behind a clump of tall

grasses and remained unseen all the long afternoon.  When it was quiet once more, she

tiptoed out, standing there, looking this way and that.  She was alone.  Very, very

alone.  The only one of her kind.  Thank goodness she had been pollinated several

days ago!  Squaring her petals in great determination, she headed toward the far hills.

Let them think they had depoppified the land!  Come fall, she would drop her seeds

into the fertile Tuscan soil and under the the blue skies of summer, red would be seen

yet again.  Yes, truly it would.  She smiled.



Jo Anzalone