October 15-16, 2010


Tara is a southern plantation inn, only in northwestern Pennsylvania.

It's in Clark PA on the southern shore of Shenango River Lake and I

most heartily recommend it as a place to stay. I've never seen a staff

go so out of their way to make you feel welcome, that you are important

to them, that you matter and that your comfort and well-being are their

top priority. ALL the staff. Every single one. The pictures below are in

the order in which I took them, starting at 3 PM on Oct. 15th. Carl went

inside to register us and I wandered around the front with my camera

before going in. This was Carl's first visit, but I'd been here twice before

a long time ago with Laura. My first visit was in early March with the

tulips just up but not blooming yet and my second was around my

birthday in mid-January with a bit of snow on the ground but with the

pleasure of Tara still having its magnificent Christmas decorations still up.

But this was my first time to see it in full Autumn! Our stay here was a treat

from our son-in-law, Jeff. THANK YOU!!







Our room was on the top floor under the chimney with two windows on the side and two on the front.


















When you come in the main entrance, this room is the first on your right and is set up as more of a museum piece

and not used for guests.



Part of the entrance hall



The sunroom, which was starting to be set up for 4 PM tea. The case on the table holds a selection of

luscious teas.



The fireplace in the sunroom.



Aunt Pitty Pat's parlor. Our room was directly above this.



A cross hallway.



These stairs led up to our room. The main floor is a complex of parlors and sitting rooms, all decorated with

antiques, all with at least two china cabinets with lovely pieces.



Looking back down the entrance hall



A smaller sitting room.



This awaited us in our room. Beneath the personalized pumpkin cookie were various cheeses and crackers.

There are four champagne glasses because two were on the tray, but as soon as we came in downstairs we

were given glasses of champagne there and brought them up with us.



This and the 2 below were taken in our room..."Rhett's Room".





This is the back parlor and where we were given champagne when we first arrived inside.



A new addition was put on in 1992 and this is the hallway for that.



We were going to have dinner in Stonewall's Tavern in the basement area and it's all decorated with cowboys

and Indians and Civil War items. I went down there but these pictures are from the outer section of the Tavern

as the Tavern itself was still dark.