In the swirling darkness

      where evil fills the sky,

           all I see before me,

                all that meets my eye,

Is You...You only ever

     as I lift my cup

          and Your holy Presence

               fills my body up.

Even though the battle

     is raging far and wide,

          my eyes are locked on You,

               You are ever at my side.

It is a Secret Place,

     this table that we share,

          amidst the battle's waging,

               that table You prepare.

And, so, I keep my eyes

     locked on only Yours,

          as the screaming horde

               down the valley pours.

Despite all that's around me,

     there is no ground for fear;

          I gaze into Your eyes

               with all of Heaven near.

Your Presence in the midst

     is Power and is Life;

          whom should I then fear...

               why should my heart feel strife?

And, so, I lift my wine cup,

     drinking deep of You;

          my life is Yours entirely,

               and when the battle's through...

Coming with the clouds,

     You, my Bridegroom, stride...

           Your eyes a dancing feast,

                 draw me to Your side.

You ARE my Resurrection,

     You are my Groom, my Love,

           memories of battle

                follow not above,

Where there is always, only You,

     my Fullness and my Light,

          and, so, I lift my winecup

               now...amidst the fight...

I lose myself deep in Your eyes

     where I am only found,

          where my soul's dark enemy

               can't stand on Holy Ground.

Let the battles rage and roar;

     in peace I sup in quiet air,

          sitting at that table

              that only You prepare.




Jo Anzalone 2004