This is a series of photos I took in February 2010 of the different looks of

my Victorian gazing globe, which I call my 'bubble' as that is the intentional

look of the one I chose. It sits on a cement base that's as high as an average you can judge the height of the snow.




This is the way the bubble looked at the end of January (that's a rhododendron beside it).



But then on February 5th, it REALLY snowed. Those are our two cars. I took this looking out my front door.



On the weekend, Carl set about shoveling. The bubble lives just out from the turn of the sidewalk in the lower, center of this

picture I took out our living room windows. It's between the two big mounds of snow as, of course, one cannot shovel snow

atop bubbles.



Same day but from an angle that shows the position of the bubble. The wind blew during this snowstorm so there wasn't all

that much snow actually atop the bubble.



Then a few days later, well, it snowed...more.



This is blurry, but it shows the fresh snow atop the mound to the left and the cap of snow that's slipped off the bubble.



Later in the month, the snowpack still there, the bubble looked like a ball of ice.



Now we're gettin' to the REAL snowball effect!



Yes, no longer a bubble, definitely a snowball.



Later in the month still, the snowpack is going down and it's a bubble again. These two shots I took

because I liked the look of the rainbow it made on the snow.



Taken the same day as the one above this one, but later in the day with an elongated shadow.