August 11, 2007


Carl and I returned to Station Square on the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh PA

a week after we'd done an evening wedding there at the Sheraton (see Pittsburgh

and the Dancing Waters album) to do another wedding in a restaurant called The

Melting Pot in the Freight House Shops section of the area.  After the wedding,

we walked across to Bessemer Court again just as the Dancing Waters were




I had a different camera, one I'd never used before, and was breaking it in, so to

speak, with a few shots of the same area I'd photographed last week.



Here, of course, is my pet PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) building. The water almost

looks like it's coming out of the top of it!



We ate lunch in a restaurant, the Texas Star, right at the river's edge. I took this from

where I was sitting, waiting for my salmon and steamed broccoli.



We decided since it was still early in the afternoon to take a riverboat cruise as we

hadn't since 1982. So we passed the Dancing Waters again, went into the big parking

garage so Carl could leave his suitcoat, tie, and the wedding vows, and walked the

tiny bit further to where the Gateway Clipper Fleet has its landing dock.



This is immediately out the far end of the parking garage, looking back toward the city.

The river is just past the cars you see parked there. I liked this little guardhouse sorta




While Carl went back to the car to get his dark glasses, I went inside the guardhouse

thing, bent my knees behind a yellow hibiscus, and took a shot of the PPG with the

flowers in front of it.



Then there was an interesting lamp post...so, for a change, I took a PPG picture! The

building just contrasts so darn perfectly with almost anything!



This is the view of the, yes, PPG, as you walk down the long concrete ramp to the

Gateway Clipper Fleet landing dock.



I took this from the rail of the landing dock after we'd bought our tickets and were waiting

for it to be time to board the Liberty Belle at 2:30.  That's the Keystone Belle's stern there.

They were getting ready to have a wedding on the top deck, hence the white arch. I took

this shot because a tug was pushing a series of coal barges toward the Ohio.



This is the series of connected barges passing the PPG building.



Here's the tug closer.



And here it is almost directly across from me.



This is the Fort Pitt Bridge with the first of the coal barges going under it. Off in the

distance on the Ohio is our boat, the Liberty Belle, heading back for the dock.



Here's the Liberty Belle closer, with the barges now past the bridge.



Here she is docked, with Penelope, the dog-greeter passing by.



The captain is up there, but the window reflects a bit too much.



We got seats on the top deck, which is what I wanted for photographic purposes, but

every seat except for two were taken by the time we got to board, so I had two people

to my left, Carl to my right, an aisle, and then rows of four people all on that side,

making waaaaay too many heads I've hadda chop off!  This is the top of Mount

Washington as seen from the boat. You can make out some of the peaks of houses

just above the treeline.



This is the Sheraton, some more of the riverboats, and Mount Washington as seen

from the deck.



Going under the Smithfield Street Bridge. The boat only takes you a bit upstream on

the Mon, then turns and heads back for the confluence.



Here, in the midst of modern buildings, you can see the old stone tower of our castle-like

old jail.  It has a lot more castle parts to it that are blocked by the buildings.  They used it

for the set when Mel Gibson's movie, Mrs. Soffel, was filmed.



Here's the jail tower up closer, with the Mellon building behind it and the silvery Oxford

Center on the left.



This is as far up the Mon as this particular cruise goes. We are turning as I took this, looking

back at the Smithfield Street Bridge with 'you-know-what' just beyond.



The red is the railing of the Liberty Belle.  This is the end of the Smithfield Street Bridge

on the south bank of the Mon, showing Station Square just beyond.



The flag of the Liberty Belle by the PPG during the turn.



This shows the Monongahela Incline going up Mount Washington just behind Station Square.



The, um, well, yeah...PPG with the end of the Smithfield Street Bridge.



Station Square with Bessemer Court by the water. In the center is the dark form of the old

Clinton Furnace and immediately past that are the Dancing Waters.



The tower by the river is the one Carl and I went up on at night the weekend before.



The Majestic moored in front of the Sheraton.



Looking west along the top of Mount Washington.  The Trimont is the tall building

just before the boat's flag.



Sometimes the PPG just has a...sparkle...to it!!



...or another, completely differently-shaped building in front of it!



This is St. Mary's atop the Mount. It's actually across Grandview from the edge of the ridge.



The Trimont riding the ridge above where the Fort Pitt Tunnels open out onto the

Fort Pitt Bridge.



When you come out of the tunnels, which are fairly long, you burst out into the light and all

the panorama of Pittsburgh is there waiting for you.  The bridge has two decks, the top going

into the city, the lower going out.



Just past the Fort Pitt Bridge...



The boat then curves around the Point and heads up the Allegheny River. That's the

Fort Pitt Bridge on the far right.



The first thing on your left as you start up the Allegheny is the new Heinz Field, home of

the Pittsburgh Steelers.



Back to the right is the Point, the Fort Pitt Bridge, and Mount Washington. This is right

across from Heinz Field.



Corporations have built new structures all along the far bank of the Allegheny and a walkway has

been made between them and the river.  This is the Viet Nam War Memorial.



Here the North Shore Walkway has a series of steps with water running over them.



Back to my right, the PPG is combining with other building to look like some futuristic

fortification out of a science fiction movie!



Just up from Heinz Field is PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. There used to be one

big, round stadium called Three Rivers, but they tore it down and made two separate ones.



Looking at the city across the Allegheny from the boat. 



At the top edge of PNC Park is the River Rescue unit. They made a Bruce Willis movie that

was supposed to be based here...Striking Distance...only they didn't use this building.



In Pittsburgh, just to prove we're pretty now and not all smoky like folks tend to think of us,

we hang flower baskets from our bridges!  This is the first of the Three Sisters bridges.



The second of the Three Sisters with Alcoa just beyond.



The Korean War Memorial along the North Shore Walk.



Willows between Alcoa and the Allegheny.



On the opposite side we start to come along side the Convention Center.



Back across the Allegheny, kayakers pass new condos.



Just to the left of center is Allegheny General Hospital.  They added a new, very contrasting

section just behind the older part.



The new Veteran's Bridge...which is where the Liberty Belle turns back toward the Point.



The two people to my left get up and don't come back, so I can, then, slide over next to the railing

and not have people in the bottoms of my pictures!  Hurray!  This I like...being into contrasts

and all...it's the swoop of the northern end of the Convention Center with more typical tall buildings

behind it.  The black is US Steel.



The other end of the Convention Center with the buildings closer to the Point.



Heading back under the Three Sisters, the only three perfectly matched large bridges

in the US.



Pittsburgh from the Allegheny.



The US Steel Building is actually a triangle.  The pyramid-topped one is Gulf. I like the almost

chateauesque one with the aqua roof.



The arch was made for this building so it could have every office with windows to open in

the days before air conditioning.



You know who!



Coming back alongside Point State Park. You can hardly tell from this angle that the big

Mon river is between the fountain and Mount Washington.  That's the Duquesne Incline.

When we look out the window wall of Doug's 5th floor condo in the tallest of the Trimont

towers, the view is right across to the platform of the Incline. 


The edge of Point State Park with a snatch of the yellow Fort Pitt Bridge. The steps lead

right down to the water.



A straight-across view of the Duquesne Incline and Trimont. Nearly all the lower buildings

are restaurants in this section.



As you leave the Allegheny and curve gently into the Ohio, Heinz field is on your right with

the Carnegie Science Center just past it.



Looking south across the Ohio where Mount Washington ends (on left). The top of the

next ridge has a section where some trees have been cut out.  That's the West End Overlook

and has some of the best views of the city.  We've done several weddings there.



Another riverboat passing the valley between the two ridges.



Riverboat and Trimont...



We're starting our turn here to head back.  This is the West End Bridge with a closer

view of the West End Overlook.



Looking back up the Ohio toward the Fort Pitt Bridge.  You see how the long ridge of

Mount Washington (yes, it's named after George, who stood up there) runs all along the south

side away from the city.



Heading back now toward the Point.



The Requin, moored alongside the Carnegie Science Center. I've toured it a couple of times.



The Ohio is quite wide. This doesn't even show its full width.



The city with the Fort Pitt Bridge.



The Science Center, Heinz Field, the curve-off of the Allegheny, and the city itself.



I liked the squarish houseboat going alongside the Requin.



The houseboat curves up into the Allegheny past Heinz Field.



The fountain at the Point centered, of course, in front of PPG.



Passing by the end of the Allegheny, looking past the Fort Duquesne Bridge to the

Three Sisters.



The exact tip of the Point.  The steps have no railing so you watch your kids.  The fountain has

controls that change its height according to how hard the wind is blowing.  It's just lowered

itself  here. The concept is to keep the water within the boundaries of the concrete edge of

the fountain. 



The Point...Fort Duquesne Bridge with PNC Park's lights sticking up just beyond. There is

actually an underground river here that is the source of the fountain's water.



Kayakers at the Point.



The fountain with Fort Duquesne Bridge (named after the French fort that was once

at the Point)



The fountain turned off for a second.  The stone thing on the left is a pier from an old

bridge that used to cross from the tip of the point to the North Shore a long time ago.



Top of Mount Washington with houses and condos overlooking the city.



PPG with a bit of the Fort Pitt Bridge.



Looking back along Point State Park toward Heinz Field.



PPG and Westinghouse.



Arriving back at the dock and looking from the deck up at Mount Washington.



The dock as seen from the top deck of the Liberty Belle.  That's the Keystone Belle at the

far end in the spot where we boarded the Liberty Belle.



The Keystone Belle from the walkway back to shore.  The aqua is the back of the ticket office.



Heading back to the parking garage, the PPG suddenly presented itself for a new shot!



Close up of PPG through crisping tree.