We arrived at noon (Carl, Joey and I) just as the knights were getting ready for their first show.



We stood at the rail just to the side of the Royal Box



...and behind the the counterweight is in a lot of shots...mostly deliberately



Sir William, the King's champion, in red and white



Sir Rupert (??started with an R, anyway), the villain of the piece




Sir Marcus, Joey's favorite (he didn't like Sir William)




The quintain moved out into the middle of the field




Joey...totally absorbed (if you look at the Castle on the Table page, you'll understand why)




A quick tail braid




Sir Rupert knocked the quintain over and the two female squires righted it.













She was absolutely adorable.





Close-up of the counterweight












All this...and yet the deer keeps to its feet!



Joey trying to get the hang of archery.




Ladies in Waiting at lunch






This fellow had a great outfit (but one suspected from his air that he knew it!)








It was 87 and this guy's shirt was sopping wet. Hey, what about the one's in

long-sleeved velvet, eh??




This woman was sitting in front of Joey so I explained to him about lacings.










This fellow had a cello and a stool, but as everyone else had a sword, I teased him about

his 'battle stool' 






Our car is out there...somewhere



Carl and Joey go to buy Grandmama a lemonade











Carl and Joey in the shade on the hill (right behind guy in front in black) where we watched

the 2:30 knights' show










Sir Marcus again





Sir Rupert, Sir Marcus, Sir William




They had this whole scenario wherein Sir Rupert was the bad knight from Italy









Sir Marcus and Sir William jousted first. William unseated Marcus.





Sir Marcus with dirty back after being unseated



Sir Rupert boasting



Sir Marcus getting ready to battle Sir Rupert with the wooden swords






Sir Rupert has changed to a metal sword while poor Sir Marcus still has only his wooden one.



Sir William steps in as Sir Marcus falls, wounded, to the ground behind him





Sir William plans to fight Sir Rupert to the death at the 5:30 show...but we left before then.












The 'battle stool' in action



Outside, on the way back to the car...



I thought this would be my last shot...but...



then I encountered this guy and liked his hat...