July 18, 2009

Monongahela River at Pittsburgh PA



We set sail at 7 PM for a 3-hour dinner cruise, the reception for Linda and Butch's wedding.

Friends had come from all over the US and there were 14 of us on the Majestic. Unlike our

dinner cruise in December, it was still light when the cruise began. Raindrops spattered just

after boarding and a double rainbow formed, its ends touching down on either side of the

river. I wanted to get a shot of the whole thing, and though I went as far back on the boat

as I could, we were still just too close. The top rainbow was much paler, but the main one

was outstandingly clear for a long time.









The Empress passed us, getting a head start.



Then the Countess.



The jail, with its unique small windows. Up on the bluff to the right is Duquesne University.



Taken through the window...Liberty bridge.



Also through the window, looking back toward the PPG building.



After dinner, I went out on the first level deck as I didn't like the look of the shots through

the window. The river was so peaceful here and with the way the trees came right down to

the water, one can easily see what it looked like long ago.




Looking back toward the city, with Duquesne and Mercy on the bluff, the lone tower of Pitt's

Cathedral of Learning. I loved the look of the water, the ripples, the way our wake curved all

the way to the shore.




Looking ahead to where the Empress was returning around a distant riverbend.






Folks on the top deck waved and so I waved back and someone on the Empress hollered,

"We love you!" and so I called, "I love you, too!" back.





Sandcastle Waterpark on the south bank.



We'd never gone so far up the Mon before, but the boat just kept going and going. Later we found

out that because of the Pirates' fireworks, we couldn't travel up the Allegheny, which kinda disappointed

me as I wanted our visitors to see what was along there. But the Mon and the trees and the water were

an experience unto themselves and after dinner, I spent the rest of the cruise either on the first level side

deck or up on the very top.



Looked like an old, abandoned place where coal used to be loaded on barges.



At the prow on the top deck now as we returned toward the city. That's the Cathedral of

Learning I framed in the railing. The approach back to Pittsburgh was really nice, despite

a cold wind and some spattering raindrops from time to time, as we were heading west

and the sky was peach behind the city.





The nighttime pictures never show up well for me, but here we are right across from the main

part of the city. The yellow points on the right are the top of the PPG building. We didn't go as

far as the West End Bridge this time, but turned before it and came back closer to the Point

and just paused for a while. But then we sailed a bit further and were beyond a good viewing

place for the fireworks, though the Empress had a perfect spot.










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