Places and Things That Caught My Eye

(new added August of  2008)





These 3 gazebo and roses ones I took after a wedding we did at the Mountain View Inn east of Greensburg PA on Aug. 2, 2008




These two were right after that same wedding. Carl came and stood behind my chair and I liked the way his hands looked as he was holding the




This one I took the next day in the woods at Bushy Run Battlefield during the re-enactment. I liked the sunrays through the gunsmoke.



Late afternoon sunlight on the fountain pond in South Park, June 6, 2008



The fountain through the dogwood



Grove just beyond the fountain



Dogwoods and the fountain



Tree root by the pond that looked quite...amphibian



Gazebo where we were shortly to do a wedding rehearsal




(for wonderful fans of light in the sky at this same time, see HERE)



Wild cherries near our old house...May 24, 2008



Old barn with rhododendron on Boxcartown Rd., May 26, 2008



House across the road from the barn...



Memorial Day cartridges lying in battlefield grass...



Bushy Run Battlefield pathway, May 2008 (see HERE for more of this place)



Wall at Shakespeare's against the sky, May 2008



Boxwood gardens behind Shakespeare's, May 2008



Abandoned mailbox with the name S. Over on it



Blue and white house near where we moved in the spring of 2008



Big hollow tree not far from mailbox above



The day after Easter 2008 across from our new house



Past impressions...



Yellow rose in windshielded sunlight



February 2008 window flowers...



Thistles and lilypads on Raccoon Lake, Oct. 28, 2007



Leaves floating on Raccoon Lake, Oct. 28, 2007



Spring in Oakland, the university section of Pittsburgh, with the pink magnolias in bloom.



Magnolias along the side of Heinz Chapel.



Phipps Conservatory through the magnolias



Joey, Stephen, and Emily in my garden tunnel, which is about 25 feet long.



Just to show how many critters we have up here. This is the snow in my front yard with

not a single human footprint.



Close-up of sweetgum leaves...autumn 2004



Afternoon sun hits the balcony of Shakespeare's just after we did 2 weddings Oct. 6, 2007



Dandelion between huge rocks behind Shakespeare's.



Setting sun on tall grasses behind Shakespeare's.



Weeds and rocks behind Shakespeare's.



Seed heads over rocks, touched by the setting sun behind Shakespeare's.



Glasses also touched by the setting sun at Shakespeare's.



Tree hydrangeas beside Robin Hill...reception after a wedding Sept. 1, 2007.



Robin Hill herb garden that was very Williamsburgy.



Same herb garden...



Double kerria on the rocks behind Robin Hill.



Berries at Robin Hill



Statue in my garden hugged by snow



Gazebo near our airport just before a wedding.



Full moon



Looking straight out into the Pacific off the end of the San Clemente pier, March 2006.



Narcissus in my dining room window







Old apple tree at the edge of our woods



Bow Bridge in Central Park, NYC May 2006



Stairs by the Belvedere Fountain, Central Park, May 2006



The Belvedere angel



Interesting tree in Central Park



And another...



Pond where King Kong slides on the ice in Central Park



First Presbyterian Church in downtown Pittsburgh. This is where

Kathryn Kuhlman held services.



Come late winter, I start needing flowers on my dining room table. (2007)



Entrance to Longvue Country Club covered in New Dawn

roses. Coming in to do a wedding, of course.



Dappled sycamore on the side of Longvue.



I found this though the background is all blurry, the maples are ok.



Sun setting beyond the woods.



Tree in Scott Park I love the shape of



Carl sitting on a bench in South Park looking over the vows while I wander about with my camera.



Carl looking at pond by gazebo in picture above.



Looking up from inside a pink dogwood



The mama dove made a nest in my lilacs



and I watched her brooding every time I went outside as it was right near my door.



I thought she only had the one baby



but then I saw she had two.



Getting a bit further up the branch...



The whole family...Dad, Mom, and the twins.



Just lookin' around.



Little fountain in Phipps Conservatory that looked to me like it was a conductor

leading a snapdragon choir.



Newly-hatched robins in the bittersweet along the side of my big porch.



House I really like in Sewickley



Sycamores lining the lane up the hill behind the convent.



As if the sycamore bark itself wasn't grand enough, the sun dapples it even more.



A bird nest high in a tree above where Carl and I had a picnic Oct. 28, 2007.