Since I broke myself January 6th, I look at distances like this with a different eye. We'd come for a 5 PM wedding rehearsal

and weren't sure just where in the huge glass complex that was supposed to BE. So we walked down this sidewalk into the

main entrance and were told we needed to go back outside and around the greenhouse to the outside garden...wouldn't

you just KNOW!




The outside garden is off to the right beyond this wing of the greenhouse.




While still in the main entrance I took this picture looking straight up the dome to the rather odd glass

sculpture hanging there. As it is July and there is not all that much in bloom in the greenhouse right now,

they have plopped glass sculptures all through it for a bit of color. They intend to keep this particular

curly yellow one permanently, though. The others are only for a season.



Going around to the outside garden meant, alas, going UP this flight of steps. Steps and I have not really made friends yet, but I

grasped the railing on the right and rather pulled myself up.



The walk around the outside of the greenhouse was, however, really nice with Russian sage and lilies and yarrow, etc. brightening

the way. I like the colors in this one, the silveryness of the greenhouse with the yellow and then the lavender in front.



Another nice section we walked by.



This is part of the outside garden and I'm looking north toward the main part of Oakland to the

Cathedral of Learning, which is actually a classroom building for Pitt. Heinz Chapel is just off to its

right out of sight.



Looking into the lower level of the outside garden.



No one was here and so Carl went back to the main entrance and, of course, instead of sitting while I had the chance, I walked all through

the garden taking pictures. The lilies here are backed by red crocosmia.



Looking back up through the crocosmia toward the tents set up for the reception tomorrow. We've been to one other

reception right here.



The fountain and the tower.



This actually looks more autumnal to me than early July.



All these nice benches and never once did I sit. Those are the reception tents in the back again.



This is looking off the edge of the gardens toward the hospitals of Oakland, with which both Carl and I have become all

too familiar in the last year.



Another lovely unsatupon bench. I'd just taken this one when Carl called on his cell phone. He was in the tent looking

for me as that's where he'd left me and he'd found our wedding party in the entrance now and he'd come to fetch me as

the guy had been wrong and the wedding itself was NOT to be in the outside garden but in one of the new areas behind

the original parts of Phipps. So I had to walk back around the greenhouse and down the long curving stairs.



This is in the new section where I'd never been before. The wedding was to be just outside of this on a new patio area and as there

was a Phipps wedding director telling people what to do, I wandered alone back inside to explore what I could of this new part...

and, yes, I did go up to that platform. I mean, I did need to see the view from up there, didn't I?




This is the new koi pond and right now it has these strange glass thingies scattered through it. Their reflections are kinda nice.



All these next are in that room with the koi pond and the thatched hut-thingies.





These lantana were so bright they almost hurt the eyeballs!




I took this one especially for B and Butch.



Then I wandered back outside of the new part to see what was going on as the wedding director had come and passed by me

going somewhere else. Carl seemed to have everything under control (that's him sorta center in the dark pants and light blue

sports jacket) and I was loose in a greenhouse I hadn't even had to pay to get into and had a camera and no one else was about,

so what the heck did it MATTER that I had a cane and had had an hour and a half of tortuous physical therapy this morning and

every step sorta hurt????



I wandered a bit closer to the rehearsal. After all, I'd written the thing, but I didn't want to hang around when there was a looming, empty

greenhouse right THERE! That's the mother of the bride in the red skirt, the groom in tan shorts and Carl sorta between them. I never did get

to go inside that huge new squarish part looming above them, but I explored the curved new part fairly well.



This is the fence along the edge of that back patio. I love the whirlytwirlies that clematis vines leave when their flowers are done and

this fence was just loaded with really fuzzy ones.



Looking down the fence the other way and, no, the fully engrossed couple is NOT the bride and groom. Those are the

hospitals again and maybe a bit of Pitt.








A few yellow clematis still in bloom...



Then I went back inside the curved koi room and wandered around by myself.






This rock between the falls looks sorta like an alligator face somehow...sorta.



Looking down at part of the koi pond from a higher level. Then I went upstairs to see how much of the rest of Phipps

I could manage to sneak into before anyone noticed I was on the loose.