SEPTEMBER 20, 2009


This is a Fall arts and crafts and more festival held up in Saxonburg PA every autumn.

Carl was out on business and I went up with Laura, Jeff, Melanie, Stephen, and Emily.

I didn't take many pictures as it was rather crowded and I was concentrating too hard

on walking carefully on the unevenly-graveled walks.



We sat here and ate ice cream cones while a small group performed on stage.





Behind us this man was leaning against a tree and I liked the pose and the outfit.






Part of a painting for sale, showing Indians on Mount Washington with Fort Pitt  at the Point.




I spoke with him a while about the oak leaf as a sign of his clan.



Most of the little craft areas were backed right up to woods.




I liked this one because it sold things made from wheat.



My 12-year-old granddaughter, Melanie, bought this flute for herself. She plays the flute in the junior high band.



On the way back to the car. The corn was really nice this year.