"LOOK!" she cried. "He's coming!"


"No," her sister pouted. "I will NOT look! I don't care if he's coming!"


"Oh, but he's so handsome," she urged. "You must look!"


"I WON'T!" her sister almost shouted.


"Why?" she asked, really concerned now. "Why won't you look?"


"If...if...I tell you, will you promise not to laugh?"


"I would never laugh at you," she replied.  "Not ever!"


Her sister leaned close, whispering softly.


"REALLY?" she said, a bit too loudly.


"Yes," her sister sighed, her petals drooping a bit.


"I had NO idea," she said, "none at all."


"I know," her sister nodded, "it was our secret...his and mine."


"But...but...the prince HIMSELF?" she exclaimed, still amazed. "And he

never came back?"


"No," her sister sighed sadly.  "He never did."



Jo Anzalone