Hello world.. may I take your order?


Pumpkin Burger^ (:

red panda = adorable (:

its name is.... Mortikye, but.. we shall call him Moe for short. (:


it thinks it's me... :b


yeah, don't worry, I'm not still that creepy looking...

maybe.. eight years ago...

    here's me now!:


Just kidding!



It's Charlie and me!!! But... sadly, as we speak, Charlie is undergoing major organ sugary, so, please send him your best wishes. (:

(yes, if you were wondering... he is a ukulele... but shhhhh, he doesn't know..)



This, actually, is my car. I drive to my work every morning as a secret agent, my partners are, Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, and Daphne. Shaggy is SO annoying. Whenever it's my turn to order pizza for the gang he always makes weird noises in the background to scare the pizza man. But we always make Fred pay for gas, because he wears a sweater vest, which means he OBVIOUSLY makes the biggest salary out of all of us. 


Hahaa, look, it's Tyler's dream girlfriend...(:

Ah Stephen, what the model that boy is... haha. This is my twin brother, who is super awesome, we play Ocarina of Time together(:


Tyler and me... talk about cool kids right?

Oh hey look it's me! no jk it's Velma... I wish my glasses were that cool...):



Oh hey life....(:

Look I'm a ghost ...:o


My pet jiglypuff! (:

More Pokemon obsession...

Halloween + Blink 182 = awesome

haha, a part of it was coming of so we held it together with a tooth pick(:



Yeah he'll never be as ninja as me!!!

... but I don't know about this turtle...(:

Poor goat...

Since when do cats model???

no good.


poor walrus...maybe he accidentally ate one of the pickle bandages...):


It's coming for you Tyler.... (:

and it's taking these guys as backup...:

But not to worry!!!

I'll save you!

And my trusty steed Bob too!

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