A Medieval Wedding


Michael and Laura


September 6, 2009


At Shakespeare's, Ellwood City, PA


Page one: the setting 




Ok, so you ask, what does this have to do with the wedding, right? But this is the road Carl and I drive

westward out of Zelienople off 79 on the way to Shakespeare's and today we had time enough for me

to ask Carl to pull over so I could take a couple of pictures. This is what I think of as 'Christmas Tree

Valley'. And it IS more of a valley than it looks like here. This is from the top of the hill looking back

east and the pictures I took only show a very small portion of it as the tree farm is huge and goes on

and on. I just love driving through here!



Another view from the top, looking back down into part of the valley.



This was actually the first shot I took. The road curves off to the left then up the hill, going just past

the line of trees you can see sky beneath. It was from up there I took the two pictures looking back




The curve of the road as it starts up the hill.



Then, just shortly beyond, you come to Shakespeare's...



Having become a gimp in '09, I have my blue gimpy-tag-thingie and now we get to park close.



Looking in the main entrance. This is actually the only picture I'm in...that's me reflected

with the camera light in the glass of the interior door.



To the right of the door. There's a fountain by the canna.




Right inside the entrance this fella greets you, though he does tend toward silence.




The lighting fixture and ceiling in the entryway.



I took the elevator up to the second floor and made my way, doing fairly well sans cane, out onto the rear balcony where

the wedding would take place. Here I encountered the best man, Sir Rick.



This is the area just outside the second floor elevators.



All the paintings are very...appropriate, even if they tend most dastardly to reflect camera flashes.






I'd been down to the first floor bride's room to talk with Laura and took a picture of her Mom, radiant in red and gold.



Then, as is my wont whenever I'm here, I wandered out the back entrance to look at the lovely row of Hadrian's Wallish rocks on yon hilltop.



The rear garden. As we seem to do most weddings here in the fall, I usually miss the flowers in bloom.



Looking back at the rear of the building. Today's wedding would be at the left end of the long balcony.



One thing I do like about being here in the fall are the tall grasses and the Queen Anne's lace by the big rocks.




Purple smoke tree along the side...



Looking up at the balcony I noted Sir Rick was still there and called for him to come to the edge.




On the far end of the castle I came across a small section where the ivy had died and I rather liked the pattern it made.






Wandering back inside I came across Michael's parents waiting patiently.




I loved the pose...and did ask her permission first.




Michael, still single.



Guests arriving


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