(Kittanning is where they filmed the small town for The Mothman Prophecies)


OCTOBER 11, 2009



This is the Allegheny River from its eastern bank just south of Kittanning. What I wanted was to get pictures of the

bridge because this bridge was called the Silver Bridge and was set in Point Pleasant, WV, in the 2002 Richard Gere

movie, The Mothman Prophecies, and at the end of that, it falls into the river at night, loaded with cars. Also, Carl

spent his freshman year here in Kittanning at an extension of IUP and this was the first time we'd been able to get up

here together. These are poke berries here, framing the bridge.



Same view, without the zoom






This is Market Street, the main drag of the town. I remember from the movie seeing the big courthouse

at the base of the hill. The road across the bridge is immediately behind me.



The courthouse up close.



Looking back down Market St. toward the bridge.



This and the one below I just took out the windshield as we drove around the town looking for the IUP campus,

which we did not find for the simple reason it's been torn down.




Canada geese at the edge of the Allegheny.






I was waiting for the sun to come out from behind this cloud (it played peekaboo all day!) and I thought,

hmmm, just LOOK at that silver lining!



So when the sun DID come out, I took these pictures above and below of the sumac along the river.





A mushroom village that caught my eye...complete with suburb.




There is a narrow park that runs all along the river the full length of Kittanning, with stone benches here 'n there

where Carl used to sit and study. These last pictures of the river have all been PAST the bridge, looking back at

it from the other side, but still on the eastern bank. The gazebo here is the same on in the picture below.




I took this out the windshield as we wandered our way along back roads in a generally homeward direction.



I was SO delighted when we came upon this log cabin and even more so that I could frame it in orange leaves!



These leaves above and below are the same ones by the cabin.




We turned a corner and drove a bit and found this small covered bridge. Is just a footpath one, which I'd never seen before but

we stopped so I could photograph it and walk across it.



Looking out as I crossed the bridge.





The sun wasn't good here, but I liked the tree and the cornfield and the hill beyond. The one

above and the two below were taken by a tiny white church across the road from the little

covered bridge.






This was the last one I took today and I took it out my side window. If the trees had only been poplars or cypress, I thought

the whole scenario was downright...Tuscan!



I took this last Sunday, Oct. 4th, as Carl and I drove around a little nearer where we live. The weight of

the huge cluster of berries was bending the shrub low.



All the rest of these I took Monday, Oct. 5th as I drove around by myself within a few blocks of where we live.





This is the road on the northern side of the Felix Forest. I took pictures along here June 1st when

the wild roses were in bloom for an album on here called Festoonings.















This is a little gate beside an alleyway in Delmont that had caught my eye on the 4th when Carl and I were leaving

the Apple Festival, so I went back the next day just to take this picture. I wonder why the third slat has no heart??