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Being a small home for my poetry and prose,

photographs, screencaps, memories, art, and influences.






Jo's husband, Carl, has a song, "Gold", up on YouTube


He had surgery for thyroid cancer that took his voice for a long time as

the surgeon had to scrape his vocal chords. For a long time he could barely

speak and when he did, he sounded like Don Corleone with bronchitis. This

song is so appropriate for him.




Jo's account of being an extra in Pittsburgh during the filming of The Next Three Days


The romantic novel set during the Great Johnstown Flood of 1889 (picture albums below)


The Cavern of Deep novel about a born-blind lit professor, an exploration of

what the concept of the world is like for someone who's never seen it, a love story, and a novel within a novel,

that being set in Williamsburg during the Revolutionary War


All That's Left of novel/account of my great, great grandfather Jonathon James McDaniel of the 13th and 5th Mississippi infantry during the Civil War (see picture albums below)


Find Me! ...a short, two-part novel, a time-travel romance with a modern ER doctor and a

Confederate captain that begins during the fall of Atlanta in 1864





Newest screencaps:

Agony (from Into the Woods) (also scroll down to screencaps section)



Outlander (also scroll down to screencaps section)



New Photo Albums: (scroll to bottom of page for complete album listings)




 Quebec City & Montreal ( 4 pages) June 14-19, 2015




 Autumn 2014  (6 pages) October, 2014




  Weeds 'n Wildflowers  September, 2014




 Gettysburg : Completing the Charge (6 pages) August 15, 2014




 The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh August 14, 2014





 Two Blocks From Civilization ( 2 pages) July 14, 2014




  Another Country Wedding ( 2 pages) June 7, 2014




  Along the Blue Ridge Parkway ( 2 pages) May 11, 2014




  Keystone Lake in April ( 2 pages) April 21, 2014



 Christmas 2013  December 3, 2013




 When Color Is Covered in White ( 3 pages) November 12, 2013




 The Oaks of November ( 2 pages) November 6, 2013




 Mountain Color ( 5 pages) October 20, 2013





 A Brief Window of Sun ( 4 pages) October 15, 2013





 Searching for Color on a Cloudy Day ( 3 pages) October 13, 2013





Autumn Beginnings October 9, 2013



A Country Wedding (2 pages) October 5, 2013




September in Blue & Gold (2 pages) September 17, 2013



A Page From Early September (September 6, 2013)



Gettysburg (6 pages) August 15 & 16, 2013




Newest poem:

In Our Path (June 28, 2009) Last poem I did...need to do more!




Screencaps: I've started making caps of my favorite movies


Screencaps: Agony (from Into the Woods) June 2015



Screencaps: Outlander (a work in progress) March 2015+




Screencaps: Sense & Sensibility August 15, 2014




Screencaps: Pride & Prejudice August 15, 2014




Screencaps: Phantom of the Opera August 15, 2014




Screencaps: Tuck Everlasting January 21, 2014




Screencaps: Brigadoon September 25, 2013




Screencaps: Under the Tuscan Sun July 30, 2013




Screencaps: Out of Africa July 29, 2013




Screencaps: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...What a lovely, lonely man July 28, 2013




Screencaps: A Breath of Scandal (I tell the story with this one, too)




Screencaps: A Walk in the Clouds (wings against the frost)




Screencaps: The Last of the Mohicans July 26, 2013




Screencaps: Ladyhawke July 23, 2013




Screencaps: Dr. Zhivago...winter at Varykino July 23, 2013




Screencaps: The Princess Bride July 22, 2013




Screencaps: The Black Stallion (only the part on the island) July 21, 2013




Screencaps: The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (I tell the story with this one) July 21, 2013




Screencaps: Lawrence of Arabia July 20, 2013




Screencaps: The Unicorns of Legend (a 1985 Ridley Scott movie) July 19, 2013




Screencaps: The Eagles of Middle Earth March 25, 2013




Screencaps from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader February 6, 2013

(This is just the vessel itself and the arrival at the edge of Aslan's country)



Screencaps from Brother Sun, Sister Moon December 30, 2012

And...of course...


From... to...

And the index page of all the other Russell Crowe movie caps Here










Top from left: 4th birthday in Dallas, Mt. Lebanon Park taken by Carl, 39th birthday,

Evan napping 1969 (my hair is rolled) Middle: visiting SC around 1973, Laura's wedding,

purse being goat-eaten in Pittsburgh, 9th grade in SC Bottom: Age 35 visiting SC, age 3

in Baltimore, bathing Allan 1967 in SC, 5 years old San Diego




Index of Poetry and Prose:

The top several of these are mostly, not all, much older than the ones further down the list...

as with the photo albums, the most recent will always be at the bottom of the list.

1.  The Janitor's Bride

2.  Oh, My Darling Abigail

3.  Late On Christmas Eve

4.  April Manna

5.  The Staff of God

6.  The Rusting Carousel

7.  Total Nonsense

8.  Kimberly's Secret Garden

9.  The Willow-Oak

10.  The Gift

11.  Piano

12.  The Last Battle

13.  Crusade

14.  The Heart Goes Home

15.  Promises In Fuzzy Blankets

16.  A Rough Row

17.  "Still "...George

18.  Blossom

19.  Autumn Evening

20.  Old Cedar

21.  Perk Love

22.  Springs Ago

23.  Great Blue Heron

24.  Garden Parable

25.  Who Would Have Thought?

26.  A  Table Before Me

27.  Emily's Rainbow

28.  Waiting Thoughts

29.  The Little Golden Butterfly

30.  Colors Too Beautiful

31.  When Trees Could Talk About Their Scars

32.  Pausing On the Way

33. Her Place

34. Image On the Stone

35. Voices of Aspens

36. Startled Into Wakefulness

37. A Song I've Never Heard

38. Wet Straw and Starlight

39. Patterns of Birds

40. Dusty Bottles

41. A Star At the Heart of Things

42. A Flow of Golden Light

43. Floating Petals

44. All Things Always

45. The Crumpled Can

46. A Lasting Thing

47. The Business of His Gathering

48. As He Left Them

49. The Tear

50. If This Is All I Ever Know of Love

51. White Blossoms

52. Angel's Hem

53. The Wisdom of Geese

54. Angel Wing

55. Letter In the Night

56. Worn Pilings

57. Sometimes Shadows

58. An Archway Bedecked

59. Contest

60. The Speaking

61. Bags of Golden Treasure

62. Stone Lion

63. Essence of Beauty

64. In Our Path



One-Paragraph Tales:

1. A Calla Alone

2. Yellow Piano

3. The Three Sisters

4. Where the Mountains End

5. Penguin Mall

6. Tuscan Violence

7.  Passing By

8. Aspect of Beauty

9. Meet Me...

10.The Red Carnation

11.Outback Love

12.A Differing Perspective




Angel Creations 

A series of angel pictures I''ve created





Picture Sagas:  


1. A Dandelion of Destiny




"My Wings".... 

Not written by me, but saved by me from my youth and

become a part of me, shaping who I am, how I write...





Photo Albums:  

One:     Flowers I Have Grown

Two:    Skies I've Seen

Three:   Slow-motion Fireworks

Four:   My Pennsylvania Autumns

Five:   The Barbarian Horde:







        Isabella Rose

Five... Added: June 11, 2014








Six:    My Three (Allan, Evan, Laura)

Six...Added: June 11, 2014





Seven:  Past Paragraphed (my life)

Seven...Added...June 11, 2014





Eight:   Eastleigh Court (Kent, England)

Nine:  The Rug

Ten:   The Art of Tissue Paper

Eleven: Victorian Glory of Cape May

Twelve: Niagara Falls in January

Thirteen: Heinz Chapel in February

Fourteen: An Icy Valentine

Fifteen: April Drama

Sixteen: Pittsburgh and the Dancing Waters

Seventeen: Places of Rebellion

Eighteen: Riverboat Afternoon

Nineteen: love affair with a building

Twenty: Fallingwater

Twenty-one: Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown index

Twenty-two: Cowboy

Twenty-three: Family Wedding at Linden Hall

Twenty-four: Two Days in Autumn (includes McConnell's Mill)

Twenty-five: Old Economy: gardens & wedding

Twenty-six: Places & Things That Caught My Eye

Twenty-seven: Flour Sacks and Indians (Bushy Run)

Twenty-eight: Merry-go-round

Twenty-nine: Flight 93 site, Gettysburg, Amish Country

Thirty: Old Barns

Thirty-one: Elegance (Heinz Hall)

Thirty-two: Re-enactment of the 1763 Battle of Bushy Run

Thirty-three: The Castle on the Table

Thirty-four: Renaissance Festival

Thirty-five: Fort Ligonier 1758

Thirty-six: Victorian Bellefonte

Thirty-seven: If I Should Walk An Hour Alone

Thirty-eight: Does A Leaf Have A Tale? Part One

Thirty-nine: Sunlit Water

Forty: The View From the Summit

Forty-one: Wellington Autumn

Forty-two: Autumn Out My Car Window

Forty-three: Washington Was Everywhere!

Forty-four: Does A Leaf Have A Tale? Part Two

Forty-five: A Bittersweet Day At Bushy Run

Forty-six: An Autumn Farm On the Way

Forty-seven: Uphill at Duff in Autumn

Forty-eight: Autumn by My House...and in the Felix Forest with Joey

Forty-nine: First Wellington Christmas

Fifty: Wellington Snow (Dec. 12, 2008)

Fifty-one: Winter Magic (Dec. 13, 2008) 3 albums, with frosty roads, farms,

             Bushy Run under snow, and a night-time riverboat cruise

Fifty-two: Christmas at Darcy's (Dec. 14, 2008)

Fifty-three: McConnell's Mill/Lake Arthur (May 11, 2009)

Fifty-four: Festoonings...ivy, wild roses, honeysuckle (June 1, 2009)

Fifty-five: Greenhouse Hobbles...around Phipps Conservatory with a cane (July 10, 2009)

              Part Two: Butterflies and Orchids (July 11, 2009)

Fifty-six: Rainbows & Fireworks on the River (July 18, 2009)

Fifty-seven: Fallingwater on July 21, 2009

Fifty-eight: Youghiogheny River & Summit Inn (July 21, 2009)

Fifty-nine: Heinz Chapel and the Nationality Rooms (July 19, 2009)

Sixty: A Medieval Wedding (2 pages) (September 6, 2009)

Sixty-one: Along the Conemaugh (September 13, 2009)

Sixty-two:  Penn's Colony (September 20, 2009)

Sixty-three: A Grassy Slope, a Pond, a Wedding (October 3, 2009)

Sixty-four: Crooked Creek Lake in Autumn (October 11, 2009)

Sixty-five: Kittanning...and more autumn (October 11, 2009)

      (Kittanning is where they filmed the town and bridge collapse for The Mothman Prophecies)

Sixty-six:  Mountain Wanderings (October 18, 2009...2 pages)

Sixty-seven: Chasing the Last of Fall (October 19, 2009...3 pages)

Sixty-eight: Punxsutawney and Groundhog Day (October 25, 2009)

Sixty-nine: Keystone Lake and Autumn Yellows (October 25 & 26, 2009)

Seventy: Crooked Creek parts and with Joey (Nov. 1, 2009)

Seventy-one: Twin Lakes (November 7, 2009)

Seventy-two: TreeStudy (Christmas 2009)

Seventy-three: Snowball (February 2010)

Seventy-four:  Pittsburgh Walkabout (March 6, 2010) 3 pages 

Seventy-five: New River Gorge & Bridge, WV (April 18, 2010)

Seventy-six: Glen Cairn Azalea Gardens (April 19, 2010)

Seventy-seven: Water-sparkles, goslings, courtyards, etc. (April 18-22, 2010)

Seventy-eight: 9 new albums dealing with the Great Johnstown Flood of 1889

          (May 9, 2010)  Index Here for the flood albums

Seventy-nine: Summer of '10  

Page One: Blossoms

Page Two: Lakes 'n Rivers

Page Three: By and On Keystone Lake

Page Four: Outdoor Garden at Phipps

Page Five: Wedding at the Depot

Eighty: Golden September (3 pages) September 22, 2010

Eighty-one: Cook Forest (2 pages) October 9, 2010

Eighty-two: Headstoneless Cemetery & Connoquenessing Creek October 8, 2010

Eighty-three: Autumn Neighborhood (3 pages) October 13, 2010

Eighty-four: Volant Mill October 15, 2010

Eighty-five: Tara, a southern plantation inn (3 pages) October 15-16, 2010

Eighty-six: Christmas decorations at my house 2010

Eighty-seven: 20 albums following in my great, great grandfather's Civil War footsteps

Confederate Footsteps: May 13-17, 2011

Following the path of my great, great grandfather in the Army of Northern Virginia as told in my book,

All That's Left of Me

Page One: Williamsport and the Potomac

Page Two: Falling Waters to Washington, VA

Page Three: Washington thru Sperryville, Culpeper, Stevensburg, to Pony Mountain

Page Four: Pony Mountain thru Rapidan to Raccoon Ford Road

Page Five: Raccoon Ford Road to Fredericksburg

Page Six: Fredericksburg, part 2

Page Seven: Fredericksburg, part 3

Page Eight: Fredericksburg to Old Waterloo Road Bridge

Page Nine: Old Waterloo Bridge to Manassas

Page Ten: Manassas to the Little Creek at Aldie

Page Eleven: Aldie to Edwards Ferry and Ball's Bluff

Page Twelve: Ball's Bluff to Harpers Ferry

Page Thirteen: Harpers Ferry to Rion Hall

Page Fourteen: Rion Hall, part 2

Page Fifteen: Charles Town...Virginia's grave

Page Sixteen: Harpers Ferry and Maryland Heights

Page Seventeen: Shepherdstown and Sharpsburg

Page Eighteen: Harpers Ferry again

Page Nineteen: Gettysburg: Longstreet's Countermarch

Page Twenty: Gettysburg: the Sherfy and Trostle Farms


Eighty-eight: Civil War Era House (2 pages) June 12, 2011

Eighty-nine: Riverboat Wedding (5 pages) August 16, 2011

Ninety: Disney World (10 pages) September 16-19, 2011

Ninety-one: Crooked Creek Autumn October 16, 2011

Ninety-two: Historic Hannastown Settlement October 30, 2011

Ninety-three: Keystone Lake November 6, 2011

Ninety-four: Picture Play With Melanie November 6, 2011

Ninety-five: The Castle on the Table: 2012 Version January 4, 2012

Ninety-six: Cruise to the Bahamas (12 pages) February 17-20, 2012

Ninety-seven: March Being May March 22, 2012

Ninety-eight: Sunday Along the River  (3 pages) April 29, 2012

Ninety-nine: A 1790 Tollhouse Reborn (June 24, 2012)

One Hundred: Heinz Chapel Again  (2 pages) September 7, 2012

One Hundred One: Gettysburg (10 pages) September 13-14, 2012

One Hundred Two:Jumonville Glen & the Green Cathedral (2 pages)Sept. 28, 2012

One Hundred Three: October's Splash of Color (9 pages) October 17 & 18, 2012

One Hundred Four: October's Final Glow (3 pages) October 21, 2012

One Hundred Five: Spring Flower Show (5 pages) April 7, 2013

One Hundred Six: Sammy, the Ferret May 26, 1013

One Hundred Seven: Pittsburgh's North Shore Riverwalk (4 pages) May 26, 2013

One Hundred Eight: Moravian Falls, NC (June 2, 2013)

One Hundred Nine: Apple Hill (June 2, 2013)

One Hundred Ten: Gettysburg (6 pages) August 15 & 16, 2013

One Hundred Eleven: A Page From Early September (September 6, 2013)

One Hundred Twelve: September in Blue & Gold (2 pages) September 17, 2013

One Hundred Thirteen: A Country Wedding (2 pages) October 5, 2013

One Hundred Fourteen: Autumn Beginnings October 9, 2013

One Hundred Fifteen: Searching for Color on a Cloudy Day (3 pages) October 13, 2013

One Hundred Sixteen: A Brief Window of Sun ( 4 pages) October 15, 2013

One Hundred Seventeen: Mountain Color ( 5 pages) October 20, 2013

One Hundred Eighteen:  The Oaks of November( 2 pages) November 6, 2013

One Hundred Nineteen: When Color Is Covered in White ( 3 pages) November 12, 2013

One Hundred Twenty: Christmas 2013  December 3, 2013

One Hundred Twenty-one: Shabby Chic 'n Stuff  (6 pages) January 25, 2014

One Hundred Twenty-three: Another Country Wedding ( 2 pages) June 7, 2014

One Hundred Twenty-four: Two Blocks From Civilization ( 2 pages) July 14, 2014

One Hundred Twenty-five: Gettysburg : Completing the Charge (6 pages) August 15, 2014

One Hundred Twenty-six: The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh August 14, 2014      

One Hundred Twenty-seven Quebec City & Montreal ( 4 pages) June 14-19, 2015          



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