OCTOBER 8, 2010


For some years as Carl and I have driven up to Shakespeare's to do weddings there,

I've noticed two places I've wanted to stop, but we've never really had time on the

way and coming back it was always too dark. But today we had a chance and so

stopped at both. The first is a walled enclosure that's always looked to me like a

cemetery except for the fact it has no headstones.



Well, today we found out it IS a cemetery, but for the Harmonist Society, which didn't believe in

headstones. There are 100 people buried here between 1805 and 1815. Some years back Carl and I

visited Harmony, which had been one of their settlements and we have done many weddings further

west in Ambridge along the Ohio where they settled after Harmony in Old Economy. They had a third

settlement in Indiana, and I was there many, many years ago with Doug when we lived in Indiana.



The entrance to it is this gate with a ton of stone that pivots. I was able to push it open myself, though it

took a bit of effort (I wanted to see if I could do it) and Carl was muttering something about Indiana Jones.






I was at the far end from the gate and was in the late afternoon shade of the western wall when I noticed my

shadow beside one of the wall toppers. Somehow it reminded me of a picture I took when I was about 13

of my own shadow as I sat atop our cattle chute on the angus farm in South Carolina.



I was perched up rather high and then decided to lift a leg for dramatic effect...





Then we drove through the small town of Zelienople and headed west out 588 into the country, stopping along the

Connoquenessing so I could take a few pictures.



I, of course, had to walk way out on these rocks, which isn't easy when you have to watch every footstep as I do

anymore, but a photo op is a photo op and must be opped no matter what. Carl generally follows along behind

me, no doubt gritting his teeth and praying I don't damage my leg further.



I just loved this little spot where someone had made a semicircle. With the colors on the water, it

just really caught my eye.




I took this one just because of the water colors...




That's 588, a 2-lane road going over the bridge there.



Then at Shakespeare's I liked the vines on the castle wall here. I tend not to take many pictures here any more

since I've already taken a lot as we come here quite a bit to do weddings.



The view off the back balcony (where we do the weddings) looking toward the huge stone wall at the crest of the hill.



Another one off the balcony...



I wandered out back while Carl was getting his sound equipment set up on the balcony and sat on this wall a while.

It was just SO pleasant sitting there in a light breeze after all the recent days of rain we've had.