OCTOBER 3, 2009





Julia's father's house is at the top of the long slope. They had two golf carts going to

carry people down to the pond if they wanted. I wanted. Carl decided not to wait and

that's him in the dark suit in the middle carrying his mike and sound equipment down.

This is in Lower Burrell, PA.



The pond was ringed with chairs



Lily pads on the pond near the gazebo.



Julie's Dad built the gazebo so his wife, who had cancer, could come and sit and look at the pond and the view.



It was very cloudy and breezy, but didn't rain. We'd had to have the rehearsal inside the night before because

of all the rain. A sunbeam came out and lit the fountain just as I took this shot.




Carl had gone back up to the house to get in his robe and this time got a ride down.



I like this one of him walking across the green.



In the gazebo



More people coming...there were several hundred



The groomsmen walk up to meet the rest of the bridal party



I had worried about the long crash as we've done other outdoor weddings in which the wind-blown

crash becomes the center of attention, but they tacked this one down with big nails and washers.



Julia and her Dad wait for Timothy's brother to escort two ladies.



Then in the big field, only Julia and her Dad.




Timothy and Julia start back up







Julia. Timothy is the third man in from the right, with the cream rose.




A little bit of Julia's Dad's front yard...just a little bit.



You can see the golf cart tracks. A wind-puffed Carl walking up.