SEPTEMBER 21, 2010


I took all these this morning within a mile radius of my house.



I started with a bit of goldenrod against a blue blue sky as that seemed to sum up the day fairly well.




Some purple ironweed still blooming among the goldenrod.



This is literally about 4 blocks from me. The yellow just rolls off over the distant hills.



Later, when the goldenrod has almost gone by, then the trees in the background will turn bright yellow themselves.





Sassafras always has a few branches that turn way before the rest of the tree.



This is just behind the Felix Forest, which is directly across the street from me. I love this country lane and

its fences and have another page here taken when the white wild roses were draping the fence posts.













By the time the goldenrod turns yellow, the rosehips from the wild roses are already red.





The sumac 'candles' are red now, too.



This is my car parked on that lane behind the Felix Forest. I find a spot that shows promise, park, and walk around a while. I was

heading back to the car as I took this. John Denver was singing 'Welcome to my Morning' on my CD player when I turned the

engine back on. I thought that was...good.




I took this out my car window. The yellow is everywhere, going off down every opening in the land.



The purple wild asters are in bloom now, too. Fall does its colors very like early spring when you have the yellow

of the daffodils and forsythia and the purple crocus.



This is an old abandoned house not far from where I live. The big maple in front is just starting to turn but it

becomes the most glorious deep orange.




A bit of chicory was still in bloom.






Poke weed hanging on a tree.





There are a lot of wetland areas around here, too, with millions of cattails.