APRIL 19, 2010

I went to Winthrop College in Rock Hill, SC from the fall of 1961 till the spring of 1965. It was all women

then, about 4000 of us, but is a University with a football team nowadays. In 1960 a new azalea park was

built in Rock Hill just a few blocks from campus so when I got there in 1961, it was quite new, though it still

looked very much as it does today, with large azaleas and all the walks and fountains.



I look at this and I see the same picture I took back in January of 1963 with my roommate, Sybil Windsor, sitting on that flat bridge, her

bare feet dangling into the icy cold water and a big smile plastered on her face. She and I and 4 friends had been in the park with me taking

pictures (yes, even back then!) and she decided she wanted to pose there. She died when she was in her early 40's and I'd forgotten about

that particular day until I was framing this new picture.























We stopped by Winthrop right before coming here and these are a handful of the pictures I took there:



I love this ceiling. It's of the old dining hall where I ate my first three years there. Only a couple of women were cleaning the floors

today, but in my mind it's filled with long tables and many, many young women all talking and eating.


Under the huge old magnolia on front campus.


That magnolia just past the fountain.



Tillman Hall, with its old auditorium on the back and the administration offices inside back then. I took art on the third floor.




The main staircase inside Tillman Hall. I've walked up and down these countless times. I did again today, but it was much more

of an effort!



A little garden area tucked between Tillman and the entrance to the old dining hall.



For two years I lived in Bancroft Hall in the second floor room second from the right. It's just

offices now.



The staircase on the end that I used to go up to get to my room. Again, I've ascended and descended these countless times

and did so again today.



Doorway on right to my room. Is an English teacher's office now.



Blurry, but is the inside of the old auditorium. I took Music Appreciation in here and attended many, many meetings, etc.



The new auditorium and it is inside here I graduated from college.



The walkway from Bancroft to Tillman. As I walked along here today I remembered all sorts of thoughts I'd thought so many years

ago as I walked along here. This area of campus looks almost the same. Most of the new structures are behind these. The part of the

campus that means anything to me looks like it plopped out of the late 1800' this hallway below: