Wet and heavy,

     blanketed maple leaves

          have passed the winter months

               atop the hidden structure

                    of my waiting garden.

Today, my spirit sensed

     hidden, all unseen,

          the growth of daffodils

               beneath the coated brown,

                    below the damp compaction.

Rake in hand, most gently,

     I pull back the leafy mass

          finding daffodils, indeed,

               but yellowed, bent...

                    waiting for the light.

A gathering of robins watches,

     waiting for me to bare

          soil and worms

               that they might feast

                    among the daffodils.

Leaning on my rake, I ponder

     the daffodil-ness of me,

          bent and yellow,

               hidden 'neath the brown,

                    awaiting spring.

Lord, it is my prayer

     You rake back from me

           all that keeps me yellow,

                all that makes me bent,

                    all that has been hidden from Your sun.

And in my coming greenness

     may the robins of Your flock

          feast among Your gardens,

               finding food

                    where daffodils are free.




Jo Anzalone 3-27-2004