JUNE 1, 2009




Today I came out of Jeff's office after getting the stitches out from my second leg surgery (almost two weeks ago now),

and this butterfly was sitting on the curb immediately in front of my car. Its presence reminded me I had my camera

in my purse and so I took a picture of it. Then I decided to drive by a derelict log cabin I'd seen earlier this year

when Carl was driving us home from Emily's birthday party. As soon as I saw it, I knew I'd return when I could

walk a bit better again and take pictures of it. SEE A 1790 TOLLHOUSE RESTORED for pictures of the way it

looks now.



This one above is my favorite of it. I like the seedheads of the grasses in front of it. It's covered

in a LOT of poison ivy, so I didn't get too near, but somehow the ivy only added to its sense

of being...left.





Notice how thick the hairy poison ivy vine is just to the right of the window.








Then, since my photographic juices, so long frustrated by forced containment, were flowing, I by-passed

Silvis Road to our house and continued north on Hilty.



This is that same curve as above, but taken December 12, 2008.



Hilty was simply lined on both sides with wild roses in full bloom. I'd stop my car and get out to

take a picture and the air was just heady with their fragrance.





Above and below are the abandoned silo in the woods off the west side of Hilty. I turned around just

past the silo and returned down Hilty, turning then onto Majolie Rd., which parallels Silvis, but to the

north of my Felix Forest.




All these next I took along Majolie.












This is the great Majolie throughway.



As a contrast to the first log home on this page, there is this one. That's the back side of the Felix Forest,

and its slope comes down to...this...a slightly nicer loggy place to abide.



This is directly over the hill to the north of where I live. I don't think they'd trade...somehow.



Then I went one road further north and cut back to Hilty again. I took this one because that straight line of woods between the

two white buildings is the distant top of the Felix Forest.



Then, although I had to go past Silvis again, I wanted to get a picture of these fields I see almost every time I go out. I'd driven

along here already on my way to Jeff's office. Carl drives this way to work every day. There is a road down out of sight in that

dip between the two fields, Kemerer Road, where one finds my mailbox and my hollow tree I like to photograph.



This December one shows the road down in the dip.



This is turning the corner east onto Kemerer.



I love to find old abandoned places in the woods. This, on Kemerer, is the house for which

the mailbox below used to, well, get mail...one supposes.



Same house with its old mailbox with the words S. Over on it. S'over, folks.



And directly across Kemerer is this way up the hill...



And poison ivy festoons the big hollow tree, too.



Turning left at the end of Kemerer and heading northeast on Italy, this is the back side of the big fields

in the pictures not far above.



Wild festooning roses on Italy.



And, at last, I turned east on Silvis. I just love driving up this road. It was along here I took the

pictures of the wild trillium earlier this spring.



These three rose pictures were taken right across from my mailbox. I'd stopped on the way home to

pick it up as it's too far for me to walk, well, especially yet.




A lot of the above areas are shown in September with yellows and purples HERE



And one last festooning...here at my own house...this is my special honeysuckle I brought with me

last year from our old house. I think it's going to grow just fine here. Below is a close-up of it.