JULY 21, 2009





I have to start with the iconic view despite it's being one of the last pictures I took while here.

The two below I took out the car window as we drove south toward Fallingwater.





This is the marker for the entrance...and the two below were taken blurrily out the

windshield as we drove toward the visitor's center.





This is what you see of the visitor's center as you approach it. It looks small, but this is just one

entrance and it leads to a central core with spokes leading out to various parts, like a gift shop, a

cafe, restrooms, an art gallery, etc.




This was in the core, where you wait for your group number to be called, then you head off

down the plank pathway.



This is where the planked path curves out onto a flatter section of mulched path.



Along the side of the flat section are gardens and just beyond them is Bear Run.



An interestingly-forked tree where the mulch path gets steeper again nearer the house.



Along that section of path. I liked the way the ferns grew on the mossy rocks.



This is one's actual first view of the house itself.



You wait for a bit on the bridge over Bear Run and this is what it looks like on the non-house

side of that.



As you cross the bridge, you come along this side of the house.



These are the waterfalls below the house.




The four below this were taken from the bridge as we curved around to the iconic spot.










I simply liked the look of this...and the trumpet vine on the bridge below, too.




Up by the pool at the guest cottage, looking back down the unique, almost unsupported roof

over the walkway up to the cottage from the main house.



The one above and the next several were taken along the path that leads down the long way from the

side of the guest cottage and along the back of the main house.









Stacey and Carl on the path down to the iconic photo-taking site.



The ones below were taken by my friend, Stacey, who was visiting from Texas.

These views are different from ones I took, though we ended up with a lot of

similar ones.





Corridor from main house to the walkway to the guest cottage.



The carport side of the guest cottage. This is where the curving path to the back of the

main house begins.