OCTOBER 9, 2010




Carl and I drove almost straight north to Cook Forest today as they are far enough north from us

that the colors are out more fully than they are here yet. Cook is an old-growth forest and probably

has a greater percentage of old evergreens in it than other trees.



So...when you find a maple surrounded by the evergreens, it really shows off its colors.



We stopped at a little place by the Clarion River for lunch and while Carl got gas, I headed off alone down an unpaved road along

which were a row of rental cabins. When it looked like nobody was in residence, I'd go between the cabin and the river to take pictures.



I took this looking straight up as I walked down the lane. Again it was a tall evergreen with maple colors mixed through.




One of my favorite things are the colors reflected on waters and this was a good place for that.



I'm also very fond of dark tree trunks contrasted with sunlit colors beyond...










This one section of a yellow and an orange maple made almost a rainbow reflection on the river.










I kept going and going and going along here and tried to call Carl to come and get me in the car so I wouldn't have to

retrace my steps as I do rather pay a certain price for each step I take nowadays, but there was no phone service for my

cell and so I did end up having to walk back...but it was so lovely I didn't mind.



I deliberately took this one of the bright maples across the river through the dark trunks of two evergreens for contrast.