It was the first time...ever...

She'd kept her glowing light

When morning came up sparkling

And chased away the night.


It was the first time...ever...

She'd thought that she could shine

When darkness turned itself to day

And crossed that borderline.


It was, indeed, a thing she'd thought

And wondered in her heart

If her glowing lamplight might

Just be the better part


Of lighting up the daytime

As she did the path by night

When she alone was all that shone,

She...the only light.


But all around her brilliantly

Came sudden through the leaves

Beams of dancing sunrays,

Fanning through the trees.


She stood there, silent, near the curb

Holding straight and tall,

Watching with her quiet eye

The sunbeams move and fall,


Changing patterns with the day,

Moving, so whitely fair.

Always, ever, brilliant light,

Not noticing her there.


Then evening came as evening will

And all the beams were done,

But she, she still glowed softly;

In the nighttime she had...won.





Jo Anzalone 6-12-2007


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