I like to be able to walk through my one-story house and have a lot of things that catch my eye, so I've got Christmas

tucked in every little corner just for that purpose. This was taken standing in the living room, looking through the kitchen,

toward the family room. Below are some close-ups of the scenarios from this picture. Yes, that's Maximus' arm on the

far right. I don't decorate him for Christmas, though. He's a Stoic.



The two bracelets between his feet are from Rome at the time Gladiator was set. The poppy fan once

belonged to Truman Capote and was given to me at her house in LA by Joanne Carson in March of

2006. The artificial leaves are from the set of The Next Three Days in the area where I was being an

extra and they were trying to make the green trees look more like fall for the movie.



I've had these deer for decades. These are the ones left that haven't had their legs broken off.



Christmas of 2008, our first in this house, Joey arranged the shepherd with the little sheep all looking at him and I like

it so much I keep it up year round. The tree in the back left is musical. I love the deer hugging the tree, being a lover

of whimsy like I am. I know the bowl with white roses doesn't go, but I left it there where it usually sits anyway.



I got the stuffed tree at a thrift store last year and the Santa at one this year.



I used to have quite a batch of stuffed snowmen before we moved, but these are the only ones left since.




Christmas tree in living room the night I decorated it. I've, um, actually added more ornaments since.

It goes where the big German castle usually sits and so it's a big production to move the castle and its

inhabitants to make a place for the tree. (Castle below)




The star with the broken center was my first tree topper back in 1965 in Indianapolis. It burned for 15 years

with the same bulb. Now I use a wire to attach it to the tree and stick one of the regular lights through it.



My grandmother's little white plastic church. She loved it and always had it at Christmas on the top of her console piano.



Dining room window.



Top of one of the china cabinets, the one I got in 1970 when we moved to DC.



Top of bookcase in dining room.



I just left the peony arrangement where it was and stuck some gold Christmas stuff in on top of it.



General view of dining room with little village on the table.



The central greenhouse and the Christmas tree lot on the back left both light up. I didn't put down the

cotton snow because things stand up better without it and my lace tablecloth with the 4 UK castles is

white anyway.







Little tree with instrument ornaments on coffee table in family room...



Wider view of family room. Three rooms go off to the left and the laundry room is the middle door.

That's Carl's laptop on the rolly table.



Little stuffies atop bookcase behind double recliner.




Jackie in Alaska sent me the birch bark angel.



Right edge of TV



Left edge of TV, but then...



...I got two more little sleighs at the Export thrift shop Nov. 29th and had no place to put them but here.



From where I sit on the double recliner, looking thru kitchen to dining room.



Kitchen window. Laura gave me the angel, who lights very softly up. The candle flame also lights

and then the sparkles in the body of the candle gently start to flow around. In the center is my clump

of baby sweetgum trees. In the fall of 2009 I brought home a sweetgum ball from Boyce Park where

I'd been taking photographs and set the ball on a table in my room where a batch of tiny seeds fell

out onto the tablecloth. So I planted them just for the heck of it in this little plastic thingie and months

later 5 of them sprouted. They are turning autumn colors now. I have no idea what to DO with them,

but I'll just keep them until I think of something.



Stacking boxes at end of kitchen counter. They fit one inside the other. That's my fruitcake behind them and a

bottle of sherry I use to baste it.



Fruitcake right after it came out of its pan. It's a recipe from World War II and is very moist and good.



Tapestry runner I got for $1.50 at the thrift store yesterday. Is over a little 4-drawer storage unit at the end of the kitchen

counter and is way too long, having a big middle section and then another end just like this one, but I wanted to put it

SOMEWHERE!  It's right below the little row of stacking houses.



Sleigh in center of kitchen island...stove and dishwasher beyond



I'd put cardinals around on this cabinet top where St. Francis and a vase of red poppies sit, but then...



...I found this little girl angel in red at the Export thrift store yesterday (Nov. 29) and she reminded me of the grandparent

angels in one of the china cabinets, so I put Francis and the poppies away for the nonce and moved the cardinals over.



The string of bells is very, very old. They're aluminum and make a definite aluminum sound when rung, but they were hung as

individual bells on the little trees my mother used to get at Christmas and are the sound of the season still for me.



In the living room again, the advent ark Bert in Louisiana sent me several years ago. Each numbered door

contains an animal that goes on the ark. There are doors on the back side, too. This is my favorite Santa.



Close-up of his face.




Santas in one of the living room windows. I added the small, connected pair from the thrift shop yesterday.



I also took 2 of the church ornaments off the tree and put them between the 4 porcelain angels my grandmother

bought me in Atlanta when I was a kid.  The other church is gold.




Angels...just standin' around. Music box beyond.


Top of music box. I keep it out all the time despite the Christmas tree. It plays 25 Christmas songs

and 25 non-Christmas songs and the dancers twirl around.





Looking into living room from the kitchen...



Inside of front door...wreath I made a coupla years ago.



Outside of front door...



Wreath I made for front door a couple of years ago is too fat and gets squished between the door itself and the glass of

the storm door. I do believe some stuff has fallen off it over the last two years.



Victorian tree with rosebud lights that lives year-round in my shabby chic room.



Pine tree with real pinecones that lives year-round in a corner of my computer room. Flowers on right are in a big bin of flowers

I use for crafts. Each pinecone is numbered and like my big wooden bowl of rocks and... bowl of sticks, are all entered in notebooks as to the date and place I picked them up and the reason I did so.

They are my souvenirs instead of salt shakers that say Visit Scenic Lookout Mountain! The birdies are all Webkinz.