There are so many old barns in this rural area where we've moved and since

March, I've enjoyed driving past them. Two of them have been torn completely

down since we've been here and I decided to start an album of them while

they're still here. The top 20 pictures I took today, July 14, 2008, (except for

the two inserted autumn ones taken on Oct. 17, 2008) just on my way to the

grocery store. I hope to be adding to this album as I gather in

more pictures.




Same barn above and below on Oct. 17th, 2008


And on December 13, 2008





I love rolled hay bales! Took this out the side window of my car.



I 'think' this is a little barn turned into a garage/church sorta thingie, maybe?



I parked my car and walked along by this almost falling down barn to take a series of pictures.




This is an old bluebird house on a post just beside this barn.



And on December 13, 2008



You can see my white car up the hill. I bet this barn doesn't last too much longer!







This is the old road behind the barn, just sort of disappearing into the woods...





I moved to Pittsburgh in July (1974) and the wild chicory was in bloom. I love it each July when it's back again.

It blooms all along the roadsides with its bright lavender blue and just really appeals to me.



This was just beyond where I'd parked my car.



This is a big old feller with aged hay protruding out its middle.



Hadda get a close-up of the old hay.



Almost hidden in the trees...Last of the July 14th ones...




I took this one out the car window at the end of May.



I took this one out the driver's side window on Aug. 8, 2008 as I was driving the kids home from Bushy Run.



And on December 13, 2008



This picture and the 3 below it were taken on Oct. 18, 2008 at a farm for sale on Schoolhouse Rd.






Same barn December 13, 2008