These are pictures I took on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 driving

by myself not far from where I live.





It began because I took a picture through the screen of one of our family room windows from where I sit. This is my

view when I look to my left. So I decided to go out and drive around our area and take...more.



This is the Felix Forest. I took this from our little front porch as I was on my way to our car.



I like the way the lower portion of the poplars of the Felix Forest have the skirt of sassafras.



This is around the curve just past my mailbox.



Same area as the photo above this. Sassafras always catch my eye. When I was a kid on the angus farm in SC and had to take

the trash down to a big gully to dump it in, there was a sassafras tree there and as early as 13 I was writing poems about it.



This is looking south across from the sassafras where you can see the poplars getting very yellow.




At the base of our hill where you stop to turn left to go to 66 or right to go the, um, scenic route, this is what faces you at

the stop sign.



My orthopedic surgeon said I'd never run again and for over a year and a half...I haven't. But he wasn't counting on my getting out of my car to
take a picture of a sassafras tree against a blue sky. I pulled my white car off on the shoulder of the road and as I crossed the
pavement thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be something if the car started to roll?" I looked back at it and it seemed fine so I
continued across the road, up an embankment and took my picture, looked at the field beyond, which I'd photographed when
the goldenrod was, well, golden, but now it's not, so decided to go back to the car. Just as I got down the embankment, lo and
behold, the car started to roll backwards down the hill. So I ran across the road and down the hill after it, managing to open the
door, hop in and put the brakes on. So much for not being able to run! Heh heh!



I pass this old shed almost any time I go anywhere and liked the look of the colors against the weathered wood, despite the

fact the sun was not in a good place for the picture.



Maples at the corner of Silvis where we turn left to go to Laura's or for Carl to go to work.



I turned right, though, and went up Hilty.



The ones below  to the end of this page are along the road that runs behind the Felix Forest where I'm always

going to take pictures.













Poison ivy looking deceptively beautiful.