Throughout our lives are passages

       of many sorts and types

             that require our footsteps

                  willingly...or not.


Some are dark, no sign of light

       and yet we must go through,

             hoping there is ground beneath

                  or that we will be caught


In someone's arms who waits within

       if all the land gives way

              and nothing seems the least bit like

                  the place that we have sought.


But...sometimes...there lies all quite bedecked

       an archway on our trail

             through which we see the road beyond,

                   a scene with promise fraught.


An archway all bedecked in red

        and different shades of green

              that, surely, if we pass below

                  it will not come to naught.


Such archways have a 'feel' to them

        as though a gift were made,

               as though they held a homeward way

                  to memories we forgot.


So we set our course for them,

        these arches all bedecked

               when they happen on our path,

                   when they become our lot.


Not all passages are black

        with cobwebs draping down,

              some have colors all bedecked

                    ...some have ivy got.





Jo Anzalone  6-12-2007


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