If This Is All I Ever Know of Love



If this is all I ever know of love
Then I will have fallen headlong into fullness
Where the heart of me is wrapped inside the flow
Of all beginnings and all endings,
The starts, the stops, the everythings of life...
Of giving and receiving, of going on...and not.
If this is all I ever know of love
Then the sum of it has come into my soul
And found its home in the formlessness of light
With drops of every essence ever known,
Those unknown, and those not thought,
For you have filled me to my brim
And flowed completely down the chalice of my self
Where loving you has winged beyond all written word,
Beyond all ways of knowing smiles or tears
And blended into sunset skies and mountain tops,
Transparent as the last light of the day,
Solid as the weight that anchors me to who I am,
Who I might be, and all I ever was.
If this is all I ever know of love,
Then I am so far past horizons sought
And worlds unconquered, undiscovered in the dawn,
As far beyond as stardust is past coal,
As far away as yesterday from now...
So I spread myself, melting into peach-streaked skies
And dissipate into the wind invisible and wild,
Becoming all that any heart has ever known
And more...for this...this moment I lie here within your arms,
Feel your breath upon my waiting cheek,
The beating of your heart blended into my own blood...
And if this is all I ever know of love
Then I have known completeness...and can rest.



By Jo Anzalone

April 5, 2007


Note: I wrote this in literally two minutes, typing as fast as I could

possibly go, hardly thinking, just seeing what words poured out on the

page.  This is based on a line from an on-going story my friend, Sharon,

and I write on www.libriscrowe.com  about Cortland Wells and Rachel

Keirs...and twice he has said the opening line to her. He says it first to her

in "If It Were Not So" and again in "Montana Crosswinds." I always

thought I might expand on it some day, just to see where else it might go.


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