Photo Album Nine

The Rug

This is my wool, latch-hook rug I made when we lived in the rented house after we moved from the grey one. It's six feet wide and I wanted to put into it a design that would be really meaningful to me. I have a bit of a "thing" for the tabernacle of Moses and used a lot of the symbology from that here in the colors.  The left side of the rug is the old covenant and the right side the new. The blue border represents the divinity of Jesus.  The thin red border is the color both of sin and of the living blood.  The purple border (the purple doesn't show up well in this photo, alas) is what you get when the blue overlays the red and these are the three main colors used in the tabernacle. The crosses all the way around represent that the entire creation is bounded by the cross, and on the back of the rug I have names of people assigned to each cross.  The purple border contains scripture in white that is meaningful to me and reads, beginning at the lower left corner: "I come to prepare the way of the Lord." "The valley of tears shall be for her a door of hope and expectation." and "Shalom, Oh Jerusalem." Inside the purple is a border that represents the walls of Jerusalem and its 12 gates, with the gate in the middle having a representation of Jesus returning. The menorah is the seven-branched one that was in the Holy Place of the tabernacle and the only light in that area. It didn't have candles, but rather little holders for oil and I've done them in the seven colors of the rainbow to represent the seven aspects of the Holy Spirit, of which the lampstand is a representative, and all of which together make the pure white light. To the left of the lampstand is the crown of thorns, which marked the transition from the old to the new covenant, and to the right is the gold crown of the King. The left hand side is filled with Mount Sinai with the Presence of God above it. To the right is the Mount of Olives and, though you can't see it here, above it is a small white ascending figure, representing God's Presence there. I have, at times, had this hanging on the wall, but have never put it on the floor. 

This shows how the pattern looked after I drew it on the mesh. I did it a quarter at a time and here am almost done with the first section.

This is me working on it. Each cross is dedicated to someone. This was Christmas Eve 1987 and I was working on Evan's cross.

On August 27, 1988 I was almost done with it...still needed its edges bound as you can see the duct tape is there yet...but this is the day I got my old menorah at the porch sale and wanted to take a picture of the two of them together.

This is Joey on the rug in 2000. I'd taken it to Laura's for a baby dedication.