Photo Album Eight

Eastleigh Court

This is the house in Kent, England that a branch of my family left in the early 1630's to come to Jamestown.  The top picture was taken in 1983  by Col. John E. Cobb, who wrote the story of the Cobb family. The others were taken by a man I contacted in Kent who actually went there just for me and took a lot of pictures.  In 2006 my brother got to visit there and sent me a small rock from its yard. I collect rocks and sticks and such from special places.

You can see it across the field, slightly to the right.

It bothers me that, given its size, it doesn't have all that much in the way of gardens.  My fingers itch to go there and dig up lawn!!!

Taken by Allan in the spring of 2006

Entrance, taken by Allan in spring of 2006