Photo Album Six

My Three:

Allan Douglas

4 years old

At Gettysburg

With the glass-topped table he made

In our backyard in Springfield, VA

In the rocker his father had as a little boy

High school graduation

The first time Allan ever saw Evan

Allan and me at Easter.

Evan Clifford

With Grace

In the Netherlands

Atop a Caribbean mountain

Meeting Carl's brother, Tommy, for the first time.

With my mother's dog, Sparky, in SC.

Greeting Carl.

Evan's house

What he was doing while Armstrong was walking on the moon.

With James T. Cat.

In a sweater my mother knitted for him.

Freshman at Illinois Institute of Technology where he spent 5 years studying architecture.

Laura Alayne

With Grace

Her hair at the age of 3

October 2006

...both Stephen and Melanie asleep in her lap

...testing for black  belt

...pregnant model

...with Melanie

...joining the Army Nurse Corps

...nursing in rural Haiti

This one was taken October 14, 2006

With me

With Piper.  They both had 22 inch waists.  She has crumpled paper reindeer antlers on her head.

First day of 8th grade

Llama love as a girl

Goat love in Central Park as a woman

A really, REALLY curly perm!

Just before starting 12th grade.

PART of the back of her wedding gown the day we bought it.

Side of the gown in the wedding shop.

Being interviewed by TV crew at airport upon return from being trapped by coup in Haiti.

Pregnant with Kimberly.

Earlier stages of being pregnant with twins...on duty at Fort Belvoir, VA as an Army nurse.

Non-pregnant Army nurse


San Diego