Photo Album Four

My Pennsylvania Autumns:


My favorite little side creek at Franklin Springs






My "Hugging Tree"...a really fat sycamore in Mingo Park...and I DO hug it...

it's just too lovable not to!! Heh heh!






Slippery Rock Creek at McConnell's Mill 2005



The high road on the bluff above the river at McConnell's Mill



Leaf-covered rock just off bluff road



Valley-view at McConnell's Mill



Across the valley above



Carl looking at the view you see in the two pictures above this one. This is a special

picture because he would have open-heart surgery 3 weeks after this was taken.



Yellow maples know  what they're doing when they permit the sunlight to highlight their glory

against the dark of their own bark.



The pink dogwood just down our hill puts on a second show in autumn.



Sunlight behind rusty-leaved oaks



The top of the house two doors down from us.  I love its gable lines, especially

when their maple goes all orange and gold.



Black branches lacing yellow together



Carl in a very, very, very hollow tree in Mingo Park



Mapled skies



Maple top on other side of house next door to us...



An oranger (orangier?) maple top



The golden maple in our yard (a bit of green rhododendron on the right)



I always love the contrast between the leaves and the bark...



Tiny oak trees by the Wildflower Trail path....small yet beautiful already



A few of the wild turkeys that roam our ridge...taken as I stood on our front steps.



More turkeys.



Whitish-yellow maple




Looking up a yellow maple



Looking up toward our house (opposite view from first one with turkeys).  Our house

is right behind the yellow maple in center of picture.



Wildflowers by a maple at McConnell's Mill



Overview of the valley where I live. You can't see the roof, but it would

be in the center, below the curve of the lowest yellow leaves.



Log cabin on bluff at McConnell's Mills



Where I go crevasse-jumping just down and across high bluff road from the log cabin above.



More of the lovely crevasses.



Still more...



And more...


On our road just a tiny bit down from our house.



Maple outside main window of Old Saint Luke's...right before we did a

wedding there October 21, 2006. The maple was swaying in the wind and

looked glorious when seen through the window from inside the church.



Closer up view



Part of the side of Old St. Luke's...I sorta got inside the dogwood so I

could frame the picture with its red leaves.



Maple leaves through the window. It misses here because there's no sense

of the MOTION of the leaves.



Maple two doors down Oct. 21, 2006



Another section of same maple as in picture above this one.



It's nice to see the red and orange and yellow all together.



I liked these really, really pale leaves in front of the yellower ones.


Water always adds such a nice dimension to an autumn shot.



Sammie in the woods below our house.



These next ones were all taken at Laurelview, a Christian camp in the foothills of the mountains east of Pittsburgh.  This is the view looking west from the high meadow.



This is Carl relaxing in another part of the high meadow.



I had been walking alone through the woods taking pictures while he was at a meeting and when I got right to the edge, there he was standing in the meadow.



Laurelview woods



Path across the edge of the high meadow.



By the pond at Laurelview.



Another shot by the pond.  I loved the dark rocks, blue water, and bright leaves.



Same area as above, but a tall shot.  I pressed some of the lower red leaves and have them in an album.



Sam in our maple leaves.



Looking up toward our house, just beyond the smaller brick one with the green awnings.



These are the lower branches of one of the rhododendrons alongside our house. When the maple leaves lie on their broad green ones, it almost looks like they're blooming again. 



Even the yucca takes on a special design for autumn, looking almost "arranged" in the fall of maple leaves.



Maple leaves observing their fallen fellows.



I squatted to get this one of a rose bush of mine braving the autumn air, still blooming in late October.



The third house down our hill from ours has this bench under their yellow maple.



Joey, Carl, and Kimberly at the top of the path leading down the bluff to McConnell's mill.



Kimberly swimming in a sea of leaves just down the hill from our house.



What is more perfect in Autumn than a happy kid in a pile of leaves?