Photo Album Two:

Skies I've Seen







The 6 above were taken by me on August 14, 2011 while on a wedding cruise on the Princess on the Ohio River at Pittsburgh.



July 5, 2010 while on a picnic by Keystone Lake. I thought the hole looked like the classic descending dove.




Two taken through the Felix Forest across from my house in January 2010




I took these 2 above behind our house in April of 2010



And sometimes there's just nothing more beautiful than a deeply blue sky to back up autumn leaves. Oct. 2009



The Felix Forest across from our house, October 2009




The two above are from Thanksgiving 2009 taken from Victor Zippi's yard



This and the 3 pictures below it I took late in the evening of October 11, 2008 on our way

home from visiting Bellefonte. This is the roof of St. Ambrose in Avonmore PA, the church

where Carl's friend and mentor, Ernie Kish, was priest back in the mid 1970's. I thought the

upstream of white clouds almost looked like they were coming off the roof.






A rather oddly-lit one I took from beside our mailbox on Oct. 13, 2008.



Above and below are pictures I took out our windshield as we headed south on 220

after having toured Bellefonte on Oct. 11, 2008.




Above and below was an interesting star-shaped cloud opening through which the late

evening sunlight was pouring just as we crossed the bridge on 79 southbound over the Ohio

on our way home from doing a wedding in Sewickley on Oct. 4, 2008.




Above and below is the early approach of what was left of Hurricane Ike in

September 2008









The 5 orange/yellow ones above I took as we left a wedding rehearsal on Friday, Aug. 1, 2008, heading west toward Greensburg PA.

The one directly above I took during the wedding the next afternoon.



Nothing spectacular. I was photographing an old barn (see Barns) and the sky was just so very July perfect. I liked the

separate small puffs of clouds. July 14, 2008



I took this one from my little front porch June 29, 2008



Cloud-watching out the car window again as we drove westward on the Parkway East toward

a wedding rehearsal out near the airport in the Robert Morris University chapel. The next

several pictures were all taken either on the rehearsal or wedding day, June 20-21, 2008.



These were just mounded cumulus clouds I was watching out the car window. I think

the huge puffs they make are just spectacular and love to observe how they change

shape so rapidly in the wind.



I took this one as Carl and I were walking in to the chapel for the rehearsal.



Just outside the chapel was a fountain and I tried several shots of the sky looking through the water.





Sometimes just the contrast between a fluffy cumulus and a dark pine can be striking.



After the rehearsal dinner, I was crossing the parking lot to our car and the sky grabbed me

by doing things like this.




I asked Carl to stop the car as he was driving back up to the main road so I could get out and take

this. Dratted power lines mess it up, but I wanted the horizon so had to keep them.



This was inside the chapel immediately before the wedding began. I like contrasts, and thought the

stained glass beneath the sky was kinda interestin'.



I wanted the sun in the middle of the stained glass sun since it was the summer solstice 'n all and I've just

been learning so much about all the really new discoveries connected with Stonehenge so was in the mood

to play with the sun on today of all days. The light was too bright if I didn't hide the sun behind the hanging

light, but it was there right in the middle of the circle.



The unity candle was on a table right in front of the main window beneath the big sunburst, and

as soon as the wedding was over, I went up and framed this shot of the flame in the middle of

the circle of the large beaded sculpture outside.



I was outside for this one after the wedding, trying to get the sun to shine through the circle of the big sculpture.

I saw a green blob of light for a while after I was stoopid enough to take this one! But, man, it WAS the summer




This is the sculpture, so you can have some idea what I'm talking about.



Playin' with sunlight through a big pine...



...and the sky through the base of the sculpture...



Young cones hanging against the sky....kinda neat



The fountain behind the chapel again



Taken through the windshield of our car as we left the chapel and drove down through

the campus to go to the reception. I love sunbeams! Must be the Akhenaton in my soul!

In ancient Egypt they used to portray sunbeams with little hands at their bottoms, just

above the Earth. You can kinda see why they came up with that!




I was in South Park on June 6, 2008 waiting to start a wedding rehearsal, when a dark cloud passed

over, then split, showing its silver lining...but then...



...glorious colors, beams, fans of blues and white began to spread out









February 10, 2007...from in front of my house




December 14, 2006



Same sky, changing as the minutes pass.



And again, as I stood in front of our house, watching the flow of colors.



The clouds almost looked like yellow

flying saucers! Dec. 1995



Dec. 1998...shark-like blimp in a cloudy sea...



Same sky



Christmas Eve 1994


Through the lilacs...1994

1998...cottonballs...taken off our front porch

Same cottonballs

Cottonballs changing color

Cottonballs really dark through the bittersweet...

Sept. 30, 2006 from in front of Linden Hall

Spring 2006

June 2006

Only a few minute's different from the one above this...

July 2006

Off the San Clemente pier, March 11, 2006


March 13, 2006 somewhere heading east over Ohio

Looking north up the California coast, March 11, 2006

April 2006

The moon barely there...June 2006

May 19, 2006 Pennsylvania sunbeam on way home from New York City

Nov. 2004

December rainbow 2004

Skybeams 2005

July 2004

Odd April 2004 sky that caught my eye as we were leaving Laura's

Same sky just a little later and more to the west...

Matching the curve of the treetop...


Nov. 16, 2004 sunrise

Same sunrise

Last pale remnants of a Nov. 2003 sundog. I'd watched it for over 20 minutes driving home, with no camera, then it was too late.

October sunset from my yard...

Same sunset (I thought this picture looked quite like a forest fire!)

Through a sweetgum

October 2004...late evening

Bird skies...

A couple of dawns taken just outside our house...

This looked like milky ripples...

Another dawn by our house...

Two in a series I shot of a sunset from through the pillars of the huge, high porch of the Summit Inn.

BELOW: a series in a storm 8-9-2007 that just sort of "flowed' in with neat clouds...

They blew by so fast they were constantly changing...

This looked rather like a rhino or an aardvark somehow, with a curly tail

Looking straight up

That's the corner of our roof on the left...

This was a plane heading up into the storm with a cloud like a white angel behind it...

A single bird...

Sundog I saw while in Williamsburg on September 13, 2007..taken while standing on the Palace Green

I watched the skies all day heading home across MD and WV on September 16, 2007

A pair of swirly wisps I particularly liked September 16, 2007

These next several are a series I took while standing outside a Giant Eagle grocery

store looking over the top of South Hills Village mall, December 23, 2007

Last sky pictures I took from old house...early March 2008

Same sunset as one above this...

First sunrise picture taken from new house...March 2008

May 2008 sky from our front porch...

May clouds rising over the forest from our front porch...

Looking out the back of our house, May 2008

Same view, same month, different weather...

Wild-cherried sky, May 2008