Some of my favorite things:



My second favorite animal



Some things I like to eat.........



    My third favorite animal                                                                          My favorite animal




Me with some of my littlest pets

A pillow that I made

Me with Snow White at Disney World


Me on Halloween 2006


I thought this was really cute

This one too

This looks like Meri

I like pink roses

    My name is Kimberly.  I am 10 years old.  I have five younger brothers and sisters.  I like animals, flowers, and

Littlest Pets.  I have a dog named Goldie and a cat named Scratchy.  I also like the color pink.  My favorite type of

animal is a penguin.  I want to be just like my Grandmama when I grow up.  I am writing a book called "Amy in the Middle". 

So far it has 220 pages.  It is about an 11 year old girl with 4 older and 4 younger brothers and sisters.  I write it in a notebook

then I type it in my Grandmama's old computer. 

    I like to play quadruple solitaire, dominos, poker, and read books.  When I go to my Grandmother's house she reads her favorite

books to me.  In the Spring I work in the garden with my Grandmother.  I even grew a pumpkin from seed and it got big enough to

use for Halloween. 


From left to right:  Stephen, Joey, Melanie, Isabella, Me, and Emily

Me with Joey


Me at my Aunt's wedding

I made the first four and my Grandmother made the last one to look like me. 

Dolphins jumping

Friendly dolphin with baby

Angel baby


Fairy baby

My favorite holiday is Christmas


On the 4th of July we go to my Grandfather's house

Arctic Animals


Bobbing Hamsters



My Grandmama

Melanie and Me


Isabella and Emily


My Mother



Meri on New Year's Eve 2005

Me Taking Meri for a walk


Me with  my Grandmother's German castle

Me in a play at school



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