(EPI being short for 'episode')

Jo's NEW EPIS: Epis RE-Rekindled  (INDEX)



1. A Strong Tower ...all of Russ' characters afoot in Australian deserts,

   including Ben Wade, Richie, Sir Robert Tornham and even Marshall

2. The Unknown continuation of A Strong Tower...set in Pittsburgh

   when Himself was there for the filming of The Next Three Days


Jo's CLASSIC EPIS --link= Epi's Home
(The Classic Epis have their own index on "Epi's Home" above. These are

the ones that appeared on Enchantments and the newer ones after that time. This index

page also now contains the multi-character creations.)

...these take you from London to the Nile in search of the lost tomb of Russenaten, mummified

whales and the DaVinci code, down to Uganda trying to find a cure for Captain Jack's terrible

stupor, sandworms and enamored gorillas, protecting Nash from the pygmy matheaters,

Maximus as the long-lost leader of the Village People, the digestive by-products of goats, seed

spilled on the Plains of Sheba ( IS the General's!!!), Alex driving a bomb-laden bus off to

the Outback for a birthday party and a fire on a sheep station, love betrayed, ewe carts, a

horse race in Arabia with buttermilk trails and attack leopards on the loose, Terry saving

Nash from going over Niagara Falls, Sid's attempt to foil the filming of Cinderella Man,

seagull plots, broken hearts in moonlit parks, life in the bowels of a computer, a visit to The

Village/Signs/Twister/Legends of the Fall and more all together with all Russ' characters

(plus Juba), Sid as Clark Kent, plot devices, potty training, campfires, large vats of melted

chocolate, Sponge Bob, giant bats, a train wreck in deep snow, tiger cages, triage in the

Night Owl, eagle plunging, ocean crossing, Russ' Mum's muffins, the attempt to film

'Eucalyptus' and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing Sid does to the General,

death and even, alas, a bit of dismemberment, tracking down the wandering, anguished

Bud, rolling off Ayres Rock, blindness and snakes both at the same time, living at Russell's

on the Wharf in Sydney, bridge climbing, time travel, birthing in strange places, arrests in

the Opera House, kidnapping, pigeons, and evil Prime Ministers...and that's not the half of it.

Maybe 2/5.  But definitely not a full half.

Epi Index 1 

SAVING CAPTAIN JACK...wherein the cast leaves Dickens' London and travels to Egypt in search of the lost tomb of Russenaten and Jack's life is in dire need of, well, saving. Such saving comes at a terrible, terrible price to one of the other characters, alas, during a time when Nash is being stalked by the pygmy matheaters

A MORE "GENERAL" STORYLINE Takes over from Saving Captain Jack in which the emphasis shifts to the General of the Felix Legions and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad plight he finds himself in, of seed spilled on the Plains of Sheba, of white rhino attacks, of how the cast travels from Uganda to the Outback on a bomb-laden bus for a take-off of The Thorn Birds, then on to Arabia for an enormous horse race, complete with attack leopards.

TORONTO TRIBULATIONS...Being the next story arc continuing from A More "General" Storyline, wherein the cast makes it to Toronto, almost losing Nash at the brink of Niagara Falls, and Sid waylays plans for the filming of Cinderella Man by capturing both Jim Braddock AND Himself, and wherein Nash discovers the dire plot of a secret society right in the heart of Toronto itself. Ack!

Epi Index 2  

JOURNEY INTO JEOPARDY...Wherein the cast arrives in eastern Pennsylvania for a combined take-off of at least eleven movies, based mostly on Signs and The Village, with a bit of Smallville, Field of Dreams, River Wild, Legends of the Fall, The Four Feathers, Twister, Tuck Everlasting, Far and Away, and A Walk in the Clouds thrown in

SID WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY wherein the cast continues their journey into jeopardy, tracking down the ninjafied Joimus and ending in a sticky situation in the Hershey factory as they flee angry Amish folk

Epi Index 3 

A NEW JEOPARDY...wherein the cast leaves eastern Pennsylvania, heading toward Australia, hoping to arrive in time for the filming of Eucalyptus, but is untowardly delayed by wererabbits, train wrecks, giant bats, loose tigers, and all such.

Epi Index 4

A YOOK BY ANY OTHER NAME...being a tale of the attempted filming of Eucalyptus and the terrible plottings of Sid against the Commander of the Armies of the North, resulting in dismemberment, death, and...worse. (YOOK being my term for 'eucalyptus')

Epi Index 5

AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURES...wherein the cast leaves the unfilmed Eucalyptus and heads westward into the center of Australia, looking for the traumatized Bud, with the amazing friendship between the General and Sid being put to the test.

SONS OF THE FATHERS...wherein the consequences of certain actions that took place in YOOK are faced, Sydney as it was in 1818 is explored, often with much anguish of soul, and Maximus and Braddock are arrested in the Opera House.

MIRRORS OF THE SOUL....wherein the inner fault lines of several characters are cracked

CROSSING AUSTRALIA...the last of the classic epis...wherein the cast intends to head from Sydney to the southwest corner of Australia in hopes of softening some solidified characters

ElderEpis (co-authored)

These are a selection of the original ones that appeared on CrowePeople

from the spring of 2002 through the end of 2003. This is how they started,

how they began to work their way into what they became.

1. The Orient Express which all the characters are murder suspects
2. The Quest for the Holy Quahog
...Camelot as populated by Russell
3. Where No Character Has Gone Before Enterprising storyline
4. The Russketeers
...Lord Lachlingham, Maxthos, and the swashbuckling others
5. Lucilla's Party  
...atop the Towers of Pain in Tierra del Fuego
6. Starless Trek ...on foot from the tip of South America to Chicago
7. Handomonium ...the sewers of Malta
8. Under the TuscPeep Sun ...rebuilding and collapsing Tuscan villas
9. The Return of the Captain ...around the Horn to the Galapashires
10.A Christmas Crowe ...Dickens' London in the snow