Yes, people DO give me pink elephants for Christmas

                                                                                                                       In Carl's Mom's back yard

                                                                       With Carl's nephew, David Grusch, whom I took care of his first 6 months


With my kids at McConnell's Mill

Duncan SC with Allan, Daddy, Mama, me, G & G                       White Sands NM

At Laura's reception                                                  

With Piper in the muddy snow, Kewanna                       Cedarvue                                                 Wearing David Lewis' hat

BIG glasses that darkened 1978                                                              Birthday of some sort

My mother's living room, Duncan                                                               Making a rubbing in Westminster Cathedral 1977


On a walk in Upper St. Clair with Carl

Winning the insult hurling contest at the Renaissance Festival                                             Summit Inn

On the porch at the Summit Inn

Little goat eating my purse                                              Jo's boys

With Russell in NYC, May 2006

My hugging tree (sycamore) in Mingo Park     With Melanie at Keystone Lake      Lawrence of Winthrop

Visiting Duncan                                           Pregnant with Allan (Snow White pic I painted for his nursery)   San Diego teaparty

Looking at Victorian houses in Cape May, NJ                                           Easter in Duncan, pale spring green dress

Spartanburg, SC               Day Doug and I got engaged, June 3, 1964        Bad Valentine in 2nd grade play

17 in Charleston, bumming around with Brenda Weeks,  Beta Club masquerade party,  Me in Abner Creek...Duncan

At Phipps with Kimberly                        Paris Mtn. Lake, Greenville SC, me at 35       Lanier Mansion, Indiana 1966


My favorite thick black velvet dress, Indianapolis                  Near the Tower of London 1977

No sleep for 2 days in Munich with Doug's lawyers  and wives                   Me in Paris


Wooden machete    With my mother in San Diego       Me in San Diego                           With my grandmama on the beach in San Diego


Winthrop College door covering I made (me as Santa)        San Diego rocking horse

Surfside 6 in Miami          Charleston SC             My 4th grade class 1965-66, Fishers Indiana

Indianapolis                                    Winthrop College                           Bathing Allan in my mother's sink in Duncan

Very faded color picture by Pacific in San Diego                                     Duncan

With my great grandfather Leander Dale in Dallas                    With Allan in Concord MA where Rev. War started


Lavender dress I loved in Newport RI                            Red coat in Norfolk with old doll my mother had


Turquoise dress                                                           plum suit, Duncan


3 in San Diego

Columbus project for school     


                                                                                               Olive green dress, Charleston SC

Aqua outfit, Duncan                                               After dinner on Daddy's ship in San Diego


School picture                                                                               Graduate

At Brenda Weeks' house                                                                                     All for show...I only ever fired the 22 once


By Abner Creek on the farm with Chief                                                         Hemingway phase

2 from San Diego                                                                                                                             What I wore to meet Doug Burns for the 1st time

1961                                                                                    At Winthrop after church                                Quonset huts in Ocean Beach CA


Duncan                                                                                                               My 9th grade school picture (purple blouse, I made the cameo)

4th birthday in Dallas                                                                                                                 Snowy Baltimore

Pony ride

Clarence on the farm, March 1955                                                                                 San Diego with my grandmama

3 years old in Baltimore                                          Norfolk with Clarence 1954

Allan holding up barbed wire so I can slide under                               Doll I made for school project (me in lavender dress)

Red hooded coat, Duncan                                   San Diego                                                           Duncan

Going to church with my grandmama                                              

Tired after doing Pickett's Charge 1974                      Visit to Duncan with baby Allan (Allan, Ada, Velma)     Being greeted at airport

Going to the law firm's Christmas party, Indianapolis                  Mount Vernon

With Carl in the dining room at Kewanna                                                With the kids at Mary Alice's reception

Mary Alice's reception                                             In my greenhouse on Kewanna in Mt. Lebanon

                                                                                        With my mother in Springfield VA        In Florida, making faces at a sheep (Laura and Evan)

Living room in Springfield VA                                                                    Dollhouse I designed and built

Saucer on Cedarvue with my hair in rollers                                                      Painting the Cedarvue kitchen 1977

2 Kimberly pictures                                                                                                                                           Evan leaving

With Kimberly                             With Sam in Bird Park, Mt. Lebanon                                In my garden on Charles Dr.

At Phipps                                                         Giving Carl moral support while he paints the trim on his sister's house

Laura, Tori, Joyce, Marion, Bill=front, Carl, me=back                       Evan love

First time to hold Kimberly                                                     In my garden on Charles Dr.

Riverboat with my mother and Laura, Pittsburgh                  


Zoo                                                                                            With Leonard Cooper, Carl's 1st step father

Statue for my birdbath, Mother's Day from kids                With Carl in Mt. Lebanon park


With my mother in Mt. Lebanon park (my 3 kids playing frisbee back there)     Exhausted at the hotel on wedding day to Carl....long story

Sun glow with Laura                                          My 4 men: son Evan, brother Allan, son Allan, husband Carl

At McConnells Mill                                                             With the barbarian horde

On Raccoon Lake                                             Tommy's wedding reception

7 generations of direct mother/daughters                                                           Visiting my parents in SC

With rag doll in San Diego                                                                             With my dolls in Newport, Rhode Island

With Smokey and Daisy in Duncan 1955                                                                                    2 days before Evan was born

With brother Allan                                    In Brown County Indiana with Doug Burns                  With my grandmama when she was very old

Mock orange at Kewanna                                                     Cedarvue living room


Near Mt. Franklin in El Paso                                                                       Photobooth in Atlanta