Between the mtn laurel and the mock orange at Kewanna   On Laura's bike

Cleaning the chandelier                                                                        ...and the dog (Piper)

Three stories up in the air...being the Hulk

At Kewanna                                                                                               Family group for Carl's sister, Mary Alice's, wedding

Helping Laura with a project

                                                                                                          With Evan

With Laura and Grace at Kewanna                                 Sammie opening a Christmas present (he always got several and thought they all were for him)

With Sammie in Bird Park, Mt. Lebanon                                                                                     By his dad's grave in Queen of Heaven

In Phipps                                                                                                 Kewanna birthday

Two with Kimberly

With the special monstrance at the IUP Newman Center                                      Riverboat cruise...Jo's Mother and Laura

With Jo's mother at Phipps                                                                  Being Samson in the Cathedral of Learning

                                                                                                                                            With his 1st stepfather, Leonard Cooper

With his grandmother Alice                              In Mt. Lebanon park with Jo's mother....and with Jo

With Rev. Gearhart, who married Carl and Jo                                                                        Dancing with Jo's mother

With Verne after wedding                                                            Kiss from Evan                                                          


                 Birthday                                                            With Millie Kish at Ernie's grave near Philly

32nd birthday at Messiah College conference                        With Jo's grandmother in Duncan

Olden days with Evan, Allan, Allan                                                                                     With Emily and Bunny

                                                                                                                        Waiting by the window wall at the Trimont for the July 4th fireworks to start

With Melanie                                                                                                    With Kimberly

A back yard wedding (Melanie came to this one)                                                History Center

Side door of Old St. Luke's, the first Episcopal church west of the Allegheny Mtns             With Melanie

   With Joey, Isabella, Kimberly                                                                                                                        By his dad's grave

With Kimberly in Queen of Heaven                                                          With Isabella on Lexington Dr.

With Kimbee, Joey, Melanie...Peter's Twp                                                      With Joey

  History Center                                                    50th birthday cake decorated by Kimberly and Joey

With Kimbee and Isabella                                                                  With Melanie

With Kimberly, Joey, Melanie in Peters Twp

In our yard on Charles Dr.                       On a walk in Upper St. Clair                            Sleeping James

With SammieDog

Carl on a hike March 1991              Carl was rowing me on Raccoon Lake and rowed backwards into these trees

Puppy Sammie helping                                            Rabbit petting

At Tommy's wedding reception # 2, in Pittsburgh                           With Melanie

Joey hug                                                                              Heinz Chapel

These 4 are from Nov. 2005 when Carl and I took a trip to McConnell's Mill Park a few days before his Nov. 22nd open heart surgery

Inside a tree in Mingo Park                                         Watching Tommy dunk Laura in Marion's pool

With Grace                                                                                    In the little pool on the deck at Kewanna

Piper and Grace offering moral support                                                                


Siblings 2000...Mary Alice, Carl, Joyce, Tommy


Singing at a Marion birthday party                                               At Marion's wedding to Don Blair at Old St. Luke's Oct. 1996

Marion and her 4: Joyce, Carl, Mary Alice, Tommy                                              With Emily

Thanksgiving duo                                                                                        With Laura's dog Scruffy

Thanksgiving at Marion's                                                                              With Joe, the wonderful organist at Heinz Chapel

Praying with some of Jo's Russell friends atop Mt. Washington  (Rhoda, Essie, Sue)

A rehearsal at Heinz Chapel

With Joey by the much bigger Keystone Lake

Doug's wedding to Megan at Linden Grove

At a wedding reception                                                                                By a willow he and Ernie planted at IUP

Wedding in Norwin

In Cook Forest

On way to a wedding at Shakespeare's                                                    Wedding walk to get into position

In position at that wedding by a pond                                                          With Emily and Isabella in Disney World

This batch is all from Disneyworld

In the pool in Orlando with Isabella and Emily                                                        Wedding near the airport

Little wedding in a back yard                                                                             Wedding at the Shakespeare's

Blessing his grand nephew Bradon                                                                        Wedding outside the Chatham Center

With Joey at the Renaissance Festival


Wedding at the old train depot in Latrobe

Riverboat wedding in Pittsburgh

Wedding at the Mountain View Inn east of Greensburg

On the Majestic after Bridgid and Butch's vow renewal                                On the Majestic

Wedding outside Heinz Hall                                                                                    With David Lewis (Audrey's husband) from Michigan

Petting big dog belonging to our innkeepers in Harpers Ferry 2011      With Melanie below the broken Johnstown Dam

With Joey in our living room on Wellington                                                        Singing with Laura at her reception to Jeff (Isabella)

With a sketch he drew of Robert Goulet many years ago                          Feeding his grand nephew Bradon

Heading out to trick or treat with Isabella                                                               With Joey in Maine

Napping with Kimberly                                                                                                   Cape May NJ

A Jo birthday at Kewanna                                                                                         Kimberly and her Grandpapa

At Laura's wedding reception                                        At Niagara Falls                                   At Fallingwater

Praying for a man's heart                                                                               Singing with Kimberly

A big fan since his teens                                                        Swinging with Emily, Shenley Park

Helping Isabella at Shlenley Park                                                       Wedding at Heinz Chapel

At a wedding reception                                                                 With Melanie and Kimberly at Niagara Falls on a cold January day

With Laura                                                                                          With Melanie

Old St. Luke's window                                                  Just before a wedding atop the West End Overlook that Kimberly came to


Saying good-bye to Meri, who was going to live with someone else        Signing a marriage license

Wedding at Rolling Hills                                             My favorite wedding photo of Carl

Melanie helps open his birthday Peter's Twp with Jo......                           Kissing Laura good-night at Cedarvue

With Allan Charles who came for lunch at MorningStar May 10, 2014        Same place, but with a guy folks said looked like him

October 2013 on way to Ohiopyle with Jo

Oct. 2013 wedding at Lingrow Farm

With Joey by field # 1 that Jonathon charged across on July 2, 1863 behind the Sherfy house at Gettysburg

With Martin Powell at MorningStar                                                                  With Joey's ferret Sammie

Wedding at Jumonville Glen                                                                 Watching the sun set behind the Sherfy house at Gettysburg

With Joey at Ohiopyle                                                                                At the base of the Virginia monument at Gettysburg

At Ohiopyle

Seminarian                                                                                                            Oct. 19, 1978 car crash

With Isabella                                                        Two days after open-heart surgery


With the twins in our Charles Dr. yard                                                               Victor's vow renewal

Singing on CTV                                                 Saying good-bye to Sammie the day before he died

In Sewickley                                      Reading to Laura                                                    Also in Sewickley

At Old Economy before a wedding                                                                          With Laura

In South Park before a wedding                                                                        with Laura and Evan in Cedarvue driveway

With Laura, Jo, Evan at Cedarvue                               5 of the 6 grandkids

    Blowing bubblegum for Laura                                                      25th birthday

With all 6 grandkids                                                                On TV with Jo in Charlotte NC

Cutting Allan's hair 1978                                               Cutting wedding cake April 7, 1979

In Phipps Conservatory                                                                                            With Joey in Maine

With Isabella and Emily in Maine                                                         And a pastel drawing of a nurse Carl did in high school