This movie was released in 2002 and filmed in Maryland.  It's set during the summer of 1914, when Winnie Foster (Alexis Bledel)

is 15.  She's an only child living with her parents (Victor Garber and Amy Irving) in the big house in the top picture.  The opening

shot of the house is important as Winnie is being raised in a very strict, proper environment that is bruising to her free-spirited

soul.  One day she goes out into the woods beyond the iron fence, gets lost, and meets a 17-year old (Jonathan Jackson...years

ago I used to watch General Hospital and Jonathan played Luke and Laura's son Lucky) drinking from a small spring at the

base of a huge oak.  The movie is the story of how she spends time in the woods with him and his parents (William Hurt and

Sissy Spacek) and his older brother.  He is Jesse Tuck and all four Tucks have drunk from that spring many years ago and not

aged a day since.  Jesse, eternally 17, is actually 104.  The Tuck family is being tracked by a man in a yellow suit (Ben Kingsley),

who wants to locate the spring so he can sell the waters for great sums of money.  Winnie and Jesse fall in love and he wants her

to drink from the spring so she can be with him forever.  The tracker, however, finds the Tuck house first and everything falls

apart and the Tucks are forced to leave.  Winnie is faced with the decision to drink or not to drink from the spring.  Jesse's

father has encouraged her not to drink, speaking with her about the natural flow of time and how a life is supposed to be lived. 

If you look at all the pictures, her decision becomes obvious, and is made when she watches her mother getting on the bed with

her grandmother as she dies. (When you hear a woman's voice sort of narrating from time to time, that's Elizabeth Shue.)

Winnie is in the white dress and hat, with her back turned.

The Tuck house

Mae Tuck, Jesse's mother (Sissy Spacek)

Jesse and Mae