SEPTEMBER 17, 2013


It was a perfectly glorious day as only mid-September knows how to do...wall to wall blue sky, temperature in the

mid-60's, light breeze, low humidity.  How can one not...go?  On a day like today I am fully aware I am the most

privileged, wealthy person in the world that I have wheels, I have the day, I have the time, and I can take my

camera and go.  Truly there is no one richer in all the world than me with a day and a camera. 

This is just down around the curve past the mailboxes where I stop for wild asters and goldenrod.

And up above the asters and the goldenrod...

Going west on Silvas I decide to take a picture of the big tree on the left that the winds took down July 10th. 

Carl was driving home that evening and was glad the tree fell away from the road as it would have blocked him completely.

Going down Cline Hollow, I parked because I wanted to take several pictures of this old barn because it's soon to be torn down and

this will be my last time for it.  As I walked along here, I had to wave five guys off one after the other who thought I must need

help as what other possible reason could a white-haired woman HAVE for being afoot with a camera in hand on such a blue day

with goldenrod backed by an old barn. Look at that sky! Just LOOK at that sky!!!

This is the pulley on the left in the picture above this one.

And this, sigh, is why the barn is going, why the field of goldenrod is going.  STARTING at half a million? Good gravy!

A soon-to-be-gone bluebird box.

All this is part of the land to be bulldozed.

Now the next several are, ahem, actually in the parking lot of the Giant Eagle grocery in Murrysville.  Here guys passed me but

didn't offer to help as women afoot in grocery parking lots are not usually desperate.  In fact, a lot of them smiled widely at me

when they realized what I was doing.

That white wall back there is the side of the grocery store. There are three of these tree hydrangeas along there and when I came out

of the store yesterday after shopping, I watched a while and nobody looked at them. Well, I thought they not only needed to be LOOKED

at, but photographed, and if I didn't spill the beans that this and the two below are alongside a grocery store, you'd never know!

I'm going over a little bridge on Haymaker Rd. ...a green stream flowing through green.

An old barn on Haymaker

Now THIS was such a surprise and delight to me. Look at the picture below.  This is part of a farm on Schoolhouse Rd. and every year

for several years I've parked and photographed here (see An Autumn Farm On the Way, for instance).  The farm was for sale for several

years but sold last year.  Whoever bought it was a smart cookie because they are taking the old red tarpaper off the abandoned house and

they have found a genuine log home underneath.  One suspects that is WHY they bought the farm.  They are in the midst of restoration

and a lot of big vehicles were around, so I just took this out my windshield.

I stopped and walked around the edges of Duff Park for a while. (See Uphill at Duff in Autumn , among other albums)

This I took across a little streamlet where everything on the bank was in complete darkness except for the sunlight on this one fern.

The end of things

Looking across Schoolhouse Rd to the hillside opposite Duff Park.  I liked the light through the trees.