SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2013


(If you look at the index of Jo's Other Place and scroll toward the bottom, there are a lot of other albums about

the city and the area.)


It was a beautiful, beautiful day, sunny, temperature in the mid-60's, a light breeze, clear air, and Carl and I drove

into the city to do a photographic expedition I'd been thinking of for several years.


Driving west on 22 toward the city through Murrysville, we pass the American flags flying every 25 feet on both sides of the road for the 2-mile length of the town.  I always enjoy it when they're flying on special days, and this was Memorial Day weekend.

First clear view of Pittsburgh as you head west on the Parkway East.

I always notice the new jail but notice it particularly now since it figured so prominently in Russell Crowe's The Next Three Days.

A section of the Riverwalk with Heinz Field at the bottom

My first shot from the Riverwalk itself is looking across the Allegheny at the PPG building, which has its own page on Jo's Other Place.

This is Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, as seen from the Riverwalk.

The Canada geese's chicks had recently hatched.  There were al lot of them on the Riverwalk. This is actually looking across the Ohio River as the

Allegheny and Monongahela have had their confluence just out of frame to the left, forming the Ohio. The Riverwalk starts just a little down the Ohio then curves up and along the north shore of the Allegheny River across from the city.



Looking across the Ohio at Mount Washington with the red incline station at the bottom of the tracks, the stepped towers of the Trimont (where we used to watch the fireworks from) and on the right the windowed top of the building where the Monterey Bay restaurant is.  I have a scene from The Cavern of Deep Harmony set here, involving the parking lot at the base of the ridge, the station and the incline, then the restaurant.



Looking across to the Fort Pitt Bridge and the continuing ridge of Mount Washington.



Now beginning up the Allegheny toward the Fort Duquesne Bridge that we have driven over to get here, and the city beyond.



This is the monument to Fred Rogers, whose Neighborhood on TV was, after all, Pittsburgh.



We came out from the right onto this plaza (I'm looking back the way we've come here) which I instantly recognized, though this was my first time

actually ON it, as the scene at the beginning of Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher movie where the the sniper in a garage across the river picks off people

one by one.  So in my memory of the movie, alas, I see dead people lying all over this concrete and others running madly in all directions.



Steps leading up to the Mr. Rogers monument.  This is a long walk and though I thought I might be able to walk down it, I wasn't so sure about

walking BACK it, so we'd brought the wheelchair along and I didn't go up steps, though I would have liked to see certain things like this close up.

That's the Del Monte corporate headquarters just ahead.  Pittsburgh has become corporate headquarters for a huge number of companies.



Looking across the Allegheny at the city.  The trees are in Point State Park, at the very 'pointed' tip of the city where the rivers meet and where

the French Fort Duquesne was, then the English Fort Pitt.



The fountain there is off now as they have been completely rebuilding the point so this shot is not from today.



This shot, also not from today, shows the Point in relation to the Riverwalk, which is along the left side of the picture.



The Riverwalk has two levels, that right along the river and which we were on, and what is known as the Promenade up higher.  This is the monument

for law enforcement officers on the Promenade as seen in zoom from the lower level.



This is the Promenade, which I got off the internet.



The same monument with a bit of Heinz Field beyond.  The new stadiums are built with such flying pieces they make interesting shapes against the

sky, which was a gorgeous blue today.



Heinz Field as seen at evening from across the river, to show its overall shape, which is hard to tell when you're so up close to it.



Inside Heinz Field



We used to have one big, round stadium for both the Pirates and Steelers and it was called Three Rivers, but was taken down by controlled implosion

in 2001.  Now the Steeler's stadium is just to the left of where this was, and the Pirate's PNC Park stadium in just to the right. Not being a sport's fan, I was only in Three Rivers once and that was to hear Billy Graham.  It had only been built in 1970 and wasn't even paid for yet when they took it down to build two new ones.



The Del Monte building now occupies the site where Three Rivers was.  This shows the Riverwalk.  None of these small pictures were taken by me.




The Fort Duquesne (Doo-KAYNE) Bridge is a steel tied, bowstring arch bridge. Anything we have a lot of in Pittsburgh, it's bridges.




Del Monte and approaching the Viet Nam Veterans' memorial.



On the way back I did go up into this one as I wanted to see the statues better.



Looking up the steps at Del Monte. 



Heading along toward the Fort Duquesne bridge.



Part of the city as seen from under the bridge.




Passing what is called The Great Lawn (3 acres of grass) you can see the corporate headquarters of Starkist Tuna ahead and the first parts of

the Pirates' PNC Park.






These are the Watersteps, an interactive fountain made from 500 blocks of Butler County sandstone plus 1000 more smaller blocks. I'd only seen

them from a riverboat before, so was eager to see them up close.