Driving around with my camera in areas not far from my house...

This is the road we take almost everywhere and I love how it cuts through the woods

I pass this field all the time and, to me, the hay bales look rather like grazing buffalo

These are all on the side of the road with the Christian Bales; the heathen bales are on the other side

It is very fecund in this area, tall corn alternating with hay bales

This is the same road as in the top picture, only going the other way

Same road

Ironweed, heavy with blossoms

This is the road that parallels ours but on the other side of the Felix Forest. I got out of the car here to take this and the 2 below...

But there is just something about my car being pulled off the side of the road and my being afoot that makes people stop to ask if I need

help.  I always smile and hold up my camera to explain I'm just taking pictures.  It may be the white hair?  A farmer in a white pick-up

stopped while I was here.  It is, actually, rather nice that if I DID need someone, people do stop to ask.

I rolled down both the driver's and front passenger windows, though, and all the rest of the pictures are taken out either of those or the

windshield. This is a pond with geese on the far side just beyond the Felix Forest.

Cattails nicely browning

Ironweed contrasting with the goldenrod that's coming out

A mailbox I like made from an old plow

I like this shot, the old rusty pick-up and the goldenrod. 

This appealed to me with the sunlight on the green grass and the brown seedheads above it and the old rusty tank

Sunlight on ferns

Nothing spectacular but the color of the light on the fluffy weeds appealed to me

I know these maples (along the lane in the picture above this one). They turn a lovely yellow and I've often photographed along here.

Sunlight through contrasting shades of maple leaves

This stone made me think of a hay bale (stones that make me think of hay; hay that makes me think of buffalo)

A dovecote

Almost home again now.  These poplars will turn bright yellow.


Just before where I turn into our little plan

Parked by our house now, I got out and took a picture of the tops of the Felix Forest poplars contrasting with the gorgeous sky.