October 17th & 18th, 2012

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved this line from an Edna St. Vincent Millay poem:

"Thy woods, this autumn day, that ache and sag and all but cry with color..."


And so it was that when the autumn of 2011 came without color, with greens turning only to

browns, with the few, very few, bits of color pockmarked with dark spots, that I did not get

to engage in one of my favorite pastimes of capturing autumn on film.  There is, in fact, only

one picture from that October that I consider decent at all.  At first I wasn't sure how well

this October would do, but in the last week it's shown that it will do well, indeed.


A couple of days earlier I had taken the top 3 pictures while standing in front of my house

but on the 17th, even though I'd shopped in Greensburg all morning and was quite tired,

the sunshine lured me out with my camera and I drove north three miles then wiggle woggled

my way back home along various and sundry country lanes, taking three hours to do so.

Then on the 18th I had to do my grocery shopping and I was even more tired from all I'd done

the day before and the skies were dark, looking like rain, but as I drove home, I kept seeing

trees I wish I'd gotten to include in this. By the time I was putting the groceries away, the sun

was coming out, so I spent another three hours, this time going south a few miles from my

house and wiggle woggling my way back home. The sun played hide and seek, making the

lighting change from time to time, but it was a worthwhile venture.  So come and share with

me how achingly beautiful the few miles around where I live was sagging with the weight of

glorious color.


For pictures I took the following Sunday...HERE

Those of you who know me, know this poplar forest across the lane from where I live I've dubbed the 'Felix Forest'.

My lane is only one block long and the Felix Forest runs the entire length of it, the tops of its poplars all nearly the same height.

This is a sassafras at the dead end of my lane. There is only one house between mine and the end.

Now we start with the photographs from the 17th. I took this one from my stoop before getting in my car. This is directly across the road from me.

I have to drive down a long, winding hill to get through this little development in the middle of nowhere and this maple is partway down.

I headed north on Hilty, intending to stop briefly by a little Christian thrift store.

This was in front of my car where I parked at the thrift store.

Sometimes nature can be artful in the extremity of simplicity.

I was looking for a particular little lane as I head south from the thrift store (which is 3 miles north of me), but missed it and ended up on

another little lane I'd never been on before. I didn't know where it went, but what the heck...

Last year the fat oak leaves were only brown. Look at them this year.

I'm still on the little lane, not knowing where I'm going except wherever it is, autumn is surely there.

Just up to the left from here, the lane ended and I had to turn around.

This was a bigger lane but I went right down a tiny one because, well, it lured me...I did like the leaves on this one, though.

This is what I was lured by...

And again that lane ran out and I had to turn around.  I never worry about getting lost because I always seem to know which direction I'm going in.