OCTOBER 20, 2013


It had rained the whole last half of the week, but Sunday dawned with just a few scattered clouds and as October

was marching rapidly on by and as most of this week is to be cloudy/rainy/possibly some snow even, I figured such

a day must be taken advantage off we went, heading south of here then just past Connellsville going east

over Chestnut Ridge on roads we'd never been on before.  I picked a route from a very detailed atlas I have of

just Pennsylvania that shows every tiny byway. 

I chose a particular road to begin on because it runs for a long way along Dunbar Creek through state game lands with almost no

civilization along its route so all these first ones are along that creek.

This picture is a zoom of the clump of leaves just to left center in the picture above it in front of the tree trunk.

Then we spied this wall and pulled off.  It's very tall and all by itself.  The creek is just the other side of it as you can see in the below, left picture.

I thought it was interesting how the windows were shaped.  They were above my head level.  You can see the wall is made of very

rough concrete, not stone.  When we got home I tried to find out something about it on the internet but didn't come up with anything.

That's the shadow of the wall to Carl's left.

In this area, a little streamlet comes in from the left, flowing into Dunbar Creek.

Looking up that streamlet. Man, did it smell wonderful where we went all damp earth, wet leaves and bark...I love that!