OCTOBER 5, 2013


You can compare this autumn day with pictures I took in the same place in

June of 2014 HERE


Carl and I have been doing weddings all over, and I do mean all over, the metro Pittsburgh area since 1989.

There are not that many places any more where we have not done a wedding, so we are very familiar with

the venues and the way the weddings/receptions are handled.  I've never done this before, but I herewith

give Lingrow Farm my very highest recommendation.  Not only it is a truly lovely venue, as you'll see on

this and the following page, but the staff was amazing.  I've never seen servers slide so quickly and smoothly

between tables, delivering their dishes, and for a while I watched the energetic young men who carried the

big trays up from the kitchen in a constant, well-ordered, seemingly effortless stream.  The food, too, was

excellent.  Carl had done some other weddings at Lingrow but this was the first I'd gone to with him as I've

really cut back on that despite being the one who writes the ceremony, but I was so glad I went as everything

here is top of the line, and for someone like me, who likes to take photographs, it was a delight. The pictures

are in the order in which I took them.

My first view of the gazebo as I got out of our car.

These were in front of where we parked the car.  Beyond them was a big vegetable garden.

These are the two zinnias you see on the right in the picture above this one.  I love to have something in the foreground.

The side of the main building where the reception was held.

The microphone awaiting Carl's voice...

I loved the plantings around the two big stone steps up to the gazebo.

These arrangements were at the end of every other row of seats.

Ducks on the pond beyond the gazebo

As we drove north from our house it had poured rain, but when we got close to Lingrow, it hadn't rained at all so the seats were dry.

You could tell it would rain here later, but it held off during the wedding and the time I wandered about taking pictures. I didn't take

this one because it looked like rain but simply because I thought the sky was beautiful.

The groomsmen coming out.  Carl is in the dark suit in the rear.

                                                                                           Kevin, the groom, with Carl

Christina coming with her brother as escort

The bridesmaids all had on boots and I couldn't resist this shot.

I stayed down at the gazebo for a while after everyone had left.  The ducks had gone up on the bank and the horse reflected nicely for me.

A lone duck reflecting

I watched these two horses for a while.  They galloped all over the place, playing with each other and just seemed so happy and well cared for.

One of my artsy-fartsy ones....a reflection of a tree that looks like a watercolor

More reflectivity