NOVEMBER 12, 2013


Six days ago I drove around taking my The Oaks of November pictures.  Last night I stayed up late, as is rather my

habit, so it was well into Tuesday the 12th before I went to bed.  I looked out the front of the house to find it snowing

freely and took these first few pictures out my front door.  Then in the morning I took a few more out my dining room

window and that got me thinking how I really, really did need to get out in the car and take more pictures...fast.  The

wind was blowing really hard, already starting to knock the snow off the twigs and the sunshine came in and out, often

out, so I knew the snow on the branches wouldn't last long.  I took these between 9 and 10 this morning, all out my car windows.  I was in such a hurry to get out, I got into the car with just what I had on, a light blazer over my shirt, no

gloves, and to get the pictures I had to drive with both the driver's and passenger's windows down, the cold wind blowing

in and my fingers on the steering wheel and camera buttons getting, um, rather chilled.  But when the roads are perfectly

clear and the branches are coated and there's some sun, who cares about minor details, eh?  I quite enjoyed myself and

have interspersed here 'n there some of the pictures I took 6 days ago as well as a few from a couple of different

photographic excursions in the same area this fall. I didn't go a very big route, just what you might call around two

blocks south of here and then two blocks north of here...nice country blocks.

One of my little plum trees behind our light post.

My Victorian birdhouse that hangs from the light post.  I bring it in for the winter, but winter snuck up on it this year.

This is the railing built that's supposed to prevent future breakage.  Problem in the snow is that it gets covered and you can't hold on.

Out my dining room window

This one, too

So then I decided to get in the car and go...taking the birdhouse in the daylight

This is my solid lead John the Baptist and Jesus statue that I mention in a recent story on Libriscrowe. 

You can see how loverly clear the roads were despite the snow, luring me out.  The picture below is the exact same stretch of

road, only looking the opposite direction.

All my bales, both Christian and heathen, are gone...

I just adore the way it looks when each twig is covered like this and there is blue sky behind

Oak leaves

A bit of maple yellow showing through the white

When a picture has a bluer cast like this, it was taken when the sun went behind a cloud

Same two plants above and below...the pale euonymous on the left, the oak on the right...just 6 days ago